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126 Mon, 7/30/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-East 14
New Development in Reliability Models and Innovative Applications — Contributed Papers
Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, Quality and Productivity Section
Chair(s): Zhongnan Jin, Virginia Tech
8:35 AM Statistical Inference on Remaining Useful Life in a Two-Phase Degradation Model Under Gamma Process
Hon Keung Tony Ng, Southern Methodist University; Man Ho Ling, The Education University of Hong Kong; Kwok Leung Tsui, City University of Hong Kong
8:50 AM Bayesian Estimation of Analyte Concentrations using Sensor Responses and Design Optimization of a Sensor System
David Han, University of Texas At San Antonio
9:05 AM Power Outage Prediction for Adverse Weather Events
Seth Guikema, University of Michigan; Steven Quiring, Ohio State University; Ken Buckstaff, First Quartile Consulting; Mike Beck, Beck Consulting; Alan Bowman, Clarkson University; Brent McRoberts, Texas A&M University; Roshanak Nateghi, Purdue University
9:20 AM Network Structural Equation Modeling for Photovoltaic Modules Lifetime Performance in Real-World and Accelerated Exposures

Wei-Heng Huang, Case Western Reserve University; JiQi Liu, Case Western Reserve University; Alan J. Curran, Case Western Reserve University; Justin S. Fada, Case Western Reserve University; Jennifer L. Braid, Case Western Reserve University; Roger H. French, Case Western Reserve University
9:35 AM Exponentiated Weibull-Geometric Regression Model

Felix Famoye, Central Michigan University
9:50 AM Parameter Estimation using EM algorithm for Constant-stress and Step-stress Accelerated Life Tests under Interval Monitoring

Tianyu Bai; David Han, University of Texas At San Antonio
10:05 AM Correlation Analysis of Interval Data
Muzi Zhang; Dennis Lin, Pennsylvania State University