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304 * Tue, 7/31/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-East 17
Clustering and Regression Analyzes — Contributed Papers
International Statistical Institute
Chair(s): Roeland Beerten, Statistics Flanders
8:35 AM Model-Based Cluster Analysis and Outlier Detection

Cristina Tortora, San Jose State University; Antonio Punzo, University of Catania
8:50 AM Assisted Gene Expression-Based Clustering with AWNCut

Yang Li, Renmin University of China; Ruofan Bie, Renmin University of China; Sebastian J Teran Hidalgo, Yale University; Yichen Qin, University of Cincinnati; Mengyunn Wu, Yale University; Shuangge Ma, Yale University
9:05 AM Evaluating Equity Using Linear Quantile Mixed Effects Models

Kameryn Denaro, UC Irvine Teaching and Learning Research Center
9:20 AM A New Distribution-Free Method for Constructing Confidence Intervals for Quantiles
Chaitra Nagaraja, Fordham University; Haikady Nagaraja, Ohio State University
9:35 AM Meta-Analysis and the Estimation of Publication Bias

Ronnie Pingel, Uppsala University; Johan Lyhagen, Uppsala University
9:50 AM Robust Depth-Based Estimation of the Functional Autoregressive Model

Israel Martinez Hernandez, KAUST; Marc G Genton, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Graciela Gonzalez Farias, CIMAT
10:05 AM On Some Extensions of Cure Rate Models
Suvra Pal, University of Texas Arlington