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69 * Sun, 7/29/2018, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-West 219
Longitudinal/Correlated Data II — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section
Chair(s): Jen-hwa Chu, Yale University School of Medicine
4:05 PM Robust Modeling of Survival Curves in the Presence of Time-Varying Effects

Jorne Biccler, Aalborg University Hospital; Tim Verdonck, KU Leuven; Stefan Van Aelst, KU Leuven; Martin Bøgsted, Aalborg University
4:20 PM Symptom Clusters as a Visualization and Discovery Tool for Longitudinal Oncological Data

Stephanie Van Der Pas, Leiden University; Marta Fiocco, Leiden University
4:35 PM Marginal Analysis of Ordinal Clustered Longitudinal Data with Informative Cluster Size
Aya A Mitani, Boston University ; Elizabeth K Kaye, Boston University; Kerrie P Nelson, Boston University
4:50 PM Model Based Clustering via Copula and Applications

Marta Nai Ruscone, LIUC
5:05 PM A Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Predicting Disease Status Using Longitudinal Profiles

Jeremy Gaskins, University of Louisville
5:20 PM Bayesian Multivariate Longitudinal Models for Bariatric Surgery Outcomes

Heidi Fischer, Kaiser Permanente Southern California; Karen Coleman, Kaiser Permanente Southern California; Robert Weiss, UCLA; Stephen Derose, Kaiser Permanente Southern California; Allon Friedman, Indiana University School of Medicine; David H. Smith, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research; Talha Imam, Kaiser Permanente Southern California
5:35 PM Generalized Linear Models with Multiple Longitudinal Covariate Processes
Erning Li, University of Iowa