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111 * ! Mon, 7/30/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-East 16
Issues and Advances in Power Calculations for Mental Health Studies — Topic Contributed Papers
Mental Health Statistics Section, National Institute on Drug Abuse-NIH
Organizer(s): Wesley Kurt Thompson, University of California, San Diego
Chair(s): Hongyuan Cao, University of Missouri-Columbia
8:35 AM Guidance on NIMH Grant Application Power Calculations

Wesley Kurt Thompson, University of California, San Diego
8:55 AM Statistical Methods and Tools in Mental Health Studies: a Review of Scientific Rigor, Power Analyzes and Reproducibility
Abera Wouhib, National Institutes of Health
9:15 AM Improving the Design of Pragmatic Clinical Trials Using Data Collected from Electronic Medical Records

Susan Shortreed, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute; Carlyn M Rutter, RAND Corporation; Andrea J. Cook, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute; Greg Simon, Kaiser Permenete Washington Health Research Insitute
9:35 AM Sample Size Considerations for Comparing Dynamic Treatment Regimens in a Sequential Multiple-Assignment Randomized Trial with a Continuous Longitudinal Outcome

Nicholas J Seewald, University of Michigan; Kelley M Kidwell, University of Michigan; James R McKay, University of Pennsylvania; Inbal Nahum-Shani, University of Michigan; Daniel Almirall, University of Michigan
9:55 AM Statistical Methodology for Modern Mental Health Research

Eva Petkova, NYU School of Medicine; Thaddeus Tarpey, Wright State University; Robert Todd Ogden, Columbia University; Andrea Troxel, New York University School of Medicine
10:15 AM Floor Discussion