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44 * ! Sun, 7/29/2018, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-West 306
Innovative Clinical Trial Designs and Analytic Methods in Neuroscience — Invited Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section, ENAR, Biometrics Section
Organizer(s): Pilar Lim, PhD, Janssen Research & Development, LLC
Chair(s): Pilar Lim, PhD, Janssen Research & Development, LLC
4:05 PM New Developments with the Sequential Parallel Comparison Design

Gheorghe Doros, Boston University; Denis Rybin, Pfizer, Inc
4:25 PM Missing Data Issues in the Studies of Neurodegenerative Disorders: The Methodology

Sheng Luo, Duke University Medical Center; Kan Li, University of Texas Health Science Center
4:45 PM Using Delayed Start Design and Analysis to Investigate Potential Disease Modifying Effects in Alzheimer's Disease

Hong Liu-Seifert, Eli Lilly and Company; Scott Andersen, Eli Lilly and Company
5:05 PM Practical Bayesian Modeling and Subgroup Inference in Alzheimer's Drug Development
Brad Carlin, University of Minnesota; Patrick Schnell, Ohio State University; Mark Fiecas, University of Minnesota; Peter Müller, University of Texas Austin; Qi Tang, Sanofi; Walter Offen, AbbVie
5:25 PM Discussant: Hsien-Ming James Hung, PhD, Food and Drug Administration
5:45 PM Floor Discussion