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150 * Mon, 7/31/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-311
Recent Advances for Modeling Neuroimaging Data — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Imaging , International Chinese Statistical Association , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Organizer(s): Fengqing Zhang, Drexel University
Chair(s): Jiangtao Gou, Hunter College of CUNY
10:35 AM Discovering Linked Dimensions of Psychopathology and Dysconnectivity in High-Dimensional Brain Networks Theodore Satterthwaite, Univ of Pennsylvania ; Cedric H Xia, UPenn ; Rastko Ciric, University of Pennsylvania ; Zongming Ma, University of Pennsylvania ; Russell Taki Shionhara, UPenn ; Richard Betzel, UPenn ; Monica E Calkins, UPenn ; Phillip A Cook, UPenn ; Angel Garcia de la Garza, UPenn ; Tyler M Moore, UPenn ; David Roalf, University of Pennsylvania ; Kosha Ruparel, University of Pennsylvania ; Daniel H Wolf, UPenn ; Raquel E Gur, University of Pennsylvania ; Ruben C Gur, University of Pennsylvania ; Danielle S Bassett, UPenn
10:55 AM Discovery of Structural Brain Imaging Markers of HIV-Associated Outcomes Using Connectivity-Informed Regularization Approach Jaroslaw Harezlak, Indiana University School of Public Health ; Damian Brzyski, Indiana University ; Marta Karas, Indiana University ; Joaquin Goni, Purdue University ; Beau Ances, Washington University School of Medicine ; Timothy Randolph, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
11:15 AM Segmentation of Longitudinal Images Using Total Variation Regulation Yuan Wang, Washington State University
11:35 AM Computational Learning Methods for Neuroimaging Data Analysis Don Hong, Middle Tennessee State Univ ; Xin Yang, Southern Arkansas University ; Jingsai Liang, Middle Tennessee State University
11:55 AM An Integrative Model for Assessing Multimodal Neuroimaging Signatures of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Fengqing Zhang, Drexel University ; Xin Niu, Drexel University
12:15 PM Floor Discussion
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