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420 Tue, 8/1/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Halls A&B
Contributed Poster Presentations: Social Statistics Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Jessi Cisewski, Yale University
41: Functional Principal Component Logistic Regression Model for Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition Amani Albaqshi, University of Northern Colorado ; Khalil Shafie, University of Northern Colorado
42: The Relationship Between Power in Normal and Binomial Outcomes Wendy Chan, University of Pennsylvania
43: The Economics of Landownership, Land Tenure, Population Processes, and the Rate of Rent in 1930s Rural China Matthew Marler ; Linda Gail Arrigo, Taipei Medical University, Humanities and Social Science
44: Tree-Based Hot Deck Imputation Cycling - Does Cycling Help? Peilan Martin
45: An Application of Polynomial Regression to Dyadic Data Nehemias Ulloa, Iowa State University ; Frederick O. Lorenz, Iowa State University
46: A Mixed-Effects Modeling Approach to Studying the Impact of Mind Wandering on Selective Attention Michael Geden, North Carolina State Univ ; Jing Feng, North Carolina State Univ ; Ana-Maria Staicu, North Carolina State University, Department of Statistics
47: Disregarding Survey Sampling Method When Analyzing Complex Surveys Can Jeopardize Research Findings Julia N. Soulakova, University of Central Florida ; Chiung-Ya Tang, University of Central Florida, Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine
48: Instruction Time, Home Environment, and Science Achievement: a Multi-Level Analysis Tong Shen, Boston College
49: Discussing Missing Data Issues for Two-Mode Social Network Analysis Based on Influence Model Tingqiao Chen
50: An Overview of Network Sampling Methods: On- and Off-Line Haema Nilakanta, University of Minnesota ; Zack Almquist, University of Minnesota
51: Statistical Methods in Support of Masonic Historical Studies Jorge Luis Romeu, Syracuse University
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