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355 Tue, 8/1/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Halls A&B
Contributed Poster Presentations: Section on Bayesian Statistical Science — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Jessi Cisewski, Yale University
33: A Probabilistic Characterization of Shark Movement Using Location Tracking Data Samuel Ackerman
34: Dynamic Prediction Using Joint Models of Longitudinal and Recurrent Events Data: a Bayesian Perspective Xuehan Ren
35: A Bayesian Approach to Factor Screening in Life Tests I-Tang Yu
37: A Conditionally Autoregressive-Spatial Model for Clustered Count Data Controlling for Two Classes of Neighbor Relations Jason Clague, University of California Los Angeles ; Thomas Belin, University of California, Los Angeles ; Vivek Shetty, University of California Los Angeles
38: Multivariate Distributions for Special Manifolds Michael Jauch, Duke University ; David Dunson, Duke University
39: Elicitation of Expert Knowledge of Phylogenies in the Form of Rooted Trees Xiting Yang, Food and Drug Administration ; Jay Kadane, Carnegie Mellon University
41: Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Common Random Effects Ding Xiang, University of Minnesota ; Galin Jones, University of Minnesota
42: Bayesian Nonparametric Inference for Bivariate Mean Residual Life Functions Taha Monfared, csuf office of graduate studies ; Valerie Poynor, California State University, Fullerton
43: Combining Functional Data with Hierarchical Gaussian Process Models Valerie Poynor, California State University, Fullerton ; Stephan Munch, Southwest Fisheries Science Center
44: Joint Modeling of Multiple Longitudinal Ordinal Outcomes and Competing Risks: An Application to Parkinson's Disease Study Jun Zhang, UT Health Science Cener ; Shen Luo, UT School of Public Health
45: A Bayesian Approach to Analyzing Gene Expression in Heterogeneous Tissue Samples Megan Stefanski, University of Missouri - Kansas City ; David Spade, University of Missouri - Kansas City
46: Bayesian Hierarchical Reporting Delay Model in Infectious Disease Forecasting Krzysztof Sakrejda, University of Massachusetts - Amherst ; Nicholas G. Reich, University of Massachusetts Amherst ; Stephen Lauer, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
47: A Revisit to Nonlocal Method in High-Dimensional Subset Modeling Ho-Hsiang Wu, National Cancer Institute, NIH ; Yuanyuan Bian, University of Missouri
48: Geographic Patterns of Diabetes Prevalence in the United States, NHIS (2006 - 2012) Diba Khan, CDC ; Rong Wei, NCHS / CDC ; Yulei He, National Center for Health Statistics ; HeeChoon Shin, CDC
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