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78 * ! Sun, 7/30/2017, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-350
Statistical Consulting Applications — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Consulting , Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts , Statistics in Business Schools Interest Group
Chair(s): James Grady, University of Connecticut Health Center
4:05 PM Statistical Consulting: How Many Specimens Per Patient Should We Have for Improved Accuracy of Prosthetic Joint Infection? Jayawant Mandrekar, Mayo Clinic
4:20 PM Disentangling Complex Multivariate Categorical Data Ralph Turner
4:35 PM Does the Story Behind Preference Change with Varying Mapping Techniques? Jason Parcon, PepsiCo
4:50 PM Managing the Response to Gas Leaks: a Case Study in Business Analytics Samuel Woolford, Bentley University ; Charles Hadlock, Bentley University
5:05 PM Statistical Modeling on Ingredients for Sugar Reduction Shankang Qu, PepsiCo ; Patricia Delease, PepsiCo
5:20 PM Exploratory Approaches for Determination of Important Physical Attributes of Cigarettes in the Yields of Tar, Nicotine and CO: a Case Study Christopher Ellison, Food and Drug Administration ; Qian Li, Food and Drug Administration
5:35 PM Predicting Crude Oil Price Using the Non-Stationary Extreme Value Modeling Kumer Das, Lamar University ; Audrene Edwards, Lamar University
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