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517 Wed, 8/2/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-340
Issues in Transportation Statistics — Contributed Papers
Transportation Statistics Interest Group
Chair(s): Birsen Donmez, University of Toronto
10:35 AM Prediction of Pedestrian and Cyclist Accident Rates for City Streets and Intersections Alex Zolot, HERE ; Wanli Cheng, HERE ; Rod Megraw, HERE
10:50 AM Generalized Random-Effects Linear Models to Examine Driver Safety Ning Li, University of Washington ; Linda Ng Boyle, University of Washington
11:05 AM Evaluating Safety Performance Measures for Motor Carriers Using Hierarchical Models Xingwei Wu, University of Washington ; Huizhong Guo ; Linda Ng Boyle, University of Washington
11:20 AM WHY IS ROAD SAFETY BETTER UNDER DRIVING IMPAIRMENT DUE to BOTH MARIJUANA and ALCOHOL THAN EACH SEPARATELY? DATA ANALYTICS ANSWERS,Ramalingam Shanmugam1, Ram C. Tripathi2 and Karan Ramalingam Shanmugam, Texas State University ; Ram Tripathi, UTSA, Texas ; Karan Singh, UT-Tyler
11:35 AM Non-Parametric Bayesian Change-Points Methods for Detecting Driving Risk Changes Qing Li, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison ; Feng Guo, Virginia Tech ; Inyoung Kim, Virginia Tech
11:50 AM Spatio-Temporal Clustering of Urban Traffic Networks Ashwini Venkatasubramaniam, University of Glasgow ; Ludger Evers, University of Glasgow ; Konstantinos Ampountolas, University of Glasgow
12:05 PM Identification of Dynamic Traffic Network: a Statistical Approach Xilei Zhao, Johns Hopkins University ; James C Spall, Applied Physics Laboratory
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