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473 Wed, 8/2/2017, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-339
Tools of Inferential Decision Making in Education and Behavioral Sciences — Contributed Papers
Social Statistics Section
Chair(s): Theresa Y Kim, Maryland Population Research Center
8:35 AM Randomization Inference for Peer Effects Xinran Li, Harvard University ; Peng Ding, University of California, Berkeley ; Qian Lin, Harvard University ; Dawei Yang, Peking University ; Jun Liu, Harvard University
9:05 AM Statistical Methodology for Measuring Diversity and Variability in Qualitative Variables Sujay Datta, University of Akron
9:20 AM Estimation in Multisite Randomized Trials with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Daniel Schwartz, University of Chicago ; Stephen Raudenbush, University of Chicago
9:35 AM A Latent Space Joint Model for the Analysis of Item Response Data Ick Hoon Jin ; Minjeong Jeon, University of California, Los Angeles
9:50 AM New Methods in Item Response Theory: Information, Bias, and Mean Square Error Bivin Sadler, Southern Methodist University
10:05 AM Conditional and Unconditional ANOVA Tests: An Empirical Comparison of Type I Error Control and Statistical Power under Variance Heterogeneity and Non-Normality Zhiyao Yi, University of South Florida ; Yan Wang , University of South Florida ; Thanh Pham, University of South Florida ; Diep Nguyen, University of South Florida ; Yue Yin, University of South Florida ; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida ; Eun Sook Kim, University of South Florida ; Yi-Hsin Chen, University of South Florida
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