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668 Thu, 8/3/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-322
Estimation with Statistical Models — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section
Chair(s): Jerry Arnold
10:35 AM Evaluation of Medical Care Event Reporting in a National Household Survey Jerrod Anderson, AHRQ ; Emily Mitchell, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ; Adam Biener, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
10:50 AM Seasonal Adjustment of the QTAX Eric Valentine, US Census Bureau ; Kathleen McDonald, US Census Bureau ; Demetra Lytras, US Census Bureau ; Katherine Thompson, US Census
11:05 AM Outlier Robust Estimation of the Total Private Cost of Payment Methods for Large Businesses Valery Dongmo Jiongo, Bank of Canada
11:20 AM Model-Calibration Estimator Using Time-To-Event Models Benjamin Reist, U.S. Census Bureau
11:35 AM Extending Hansen and Hurwitz's Approach for Nonresponse in Sample Survey Abdellatif Demnati, Independent Researcher
11:50 AM Missing Values in Linear Dynamic Panel Models - a Bayesian Approach Towards Model Comparison Marcel Preising, University of Bamberg ; Christian AƟmann, University of Bamberg
12:05 PM Semiparametric Adaptive Estimation with Nonignorable Nonresponse Data Kosuke Morikawa, Osaka University ; Jae-kwang Kim, Iowa State University
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