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171 Mon, 7/31/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-312
Predicting Attrition and Adaptive Strategies — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section , Statistics Without Borders
Chair(s): Yang Cheng
10:35 AM Empirical Estimation of Survey Attrition Phases Camille Hochheimer, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Roy T Sabo, Virginia Commonwealth University
10:50 AM Predicting Sample Attrition in a National Study of Medicare Beneficiaries Christopher Ward, NORC ; Rebecca Reimer, NORC ; Shannon Corcoran, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ; Nicholas Schluterman, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
11:05 AM Refining an External-Factor Model of Government Survey Refusal Rates Luke Larsen, U.S. Census Bureau ; Joanna Lineback, U.S. Census Bureau ; Benjamin Reist, U.S. Census Bureau
11:20 AM Adaptive Sampling Using Neyman Allocation Michael Matthews
11:35 AM Developing a Web-Based Tool to Evaluate Survey Performance Using R Shiny Scott Fricker, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ; Jeffrey Gonzalez, Bureau of Labor Statistics ; Randall Powers, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
11:50 AM An Embedded Experiment for Targeted Nonresponse Follow-Up in Establishment Surveys Stephen Kaputa, U.S. Census Bureau ; Katherine Thompson, U.S. Census Bureau ; Jennifer Beck, National Science Foundation
12:05 PM Adaptive Design by Benchmarked Sequential Sampling and Benchmarked Multiple Imputation Shin-Jung Lee, University of Michigan
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