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585 Wed, 8/2/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-342
Statistical Methods for Studying Brain Connectivity and Networks — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Imaging
Chair(s): Daniel B. Rowe, Marquette University
2:05 PM A Moment Estimator for the GARCH-DCC Model: An Algorithm for Estimating Dynamic Functional Connectivity in High-Dimensional fMRI Data Yuting Xu, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg SPH ; Martin Lindquist, Johns Hopkins University
2:20 PM Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Nonstationary Task-Related Brain Imaging and Neural Recording Data Natalie Klein, Carnegie Mellon University ; Robert E. Kass, Carnegie Mellon University ; Valerie Ventura, Carnegie Mellon University ; Jordan Rodu, Carnegie Mellon University
2:35 PM Modeling Multiple Brain Networks Through Linear Mixed Effects Models Yura Kim, University of Michigan ; Liza Levina, University of Michigan
2:50 PM Spatial Integration of Functional Connectivity Methods in the Default Mode Network of the Brain Priyangi Bulathsinhala ; Richard Gunst, Southern Methodist University ; Jeffrey Spence, Center for Brain Health, UT Dallas
3:05 PM Longitudinal Independent Component Analysis with Application to fMRI Data Yikai Wang, Emory University ; Ying Guo, Emory University
3:20 PM Network Classification with Applications to Brain Connectomics Jesus Daniel Arroyo Relion ; Daniel Kessler, University of Michigan ; Liza Levina, University of Michigan ; Stephan F. Taylor, University of Michigan
3:35 PM Collective Spectral Density Function Estimation and Clustering for Time Series and Spatial Data Tianbo Chen, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology ; Ying Sun, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ; Medhi Maadooliat, Marquette University
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