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236 ! Mon, 7/31/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-303
Causal Modeling Methods in Epidemiology — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Chair(s): Alisa Stephens-Shields, University of Pennsylvania
2:05 PM Average Causal Effect Estimation Allowing Covariate Measurement Error - Method Review Zhou Feng ; Elande Baro, FDA ; Yi Huang, UMBC
2:20 PM Robust Estimation of Weighted Average Treatment Effects for a Target Population Yebin Tao, Eli Lilly and Company ; Haoda Fu
2:35 PM On Mitigating the Analytical Limitations of Paired Experiments Colin Fogarty, MIT Sloan School of Management
2:50 PM Sensitivity Analysis and Power in the Presence of Many Weak Instruments with Application to the Effect of Incarceration on Future Earnings Ashkan Ertefaie, University of Rochester ; Dylan Small, University of Pennsylvania
3:05 PM Methods for Testing of the Relative Bias of an Instrumental Variable Estimator and Confounder Selection Byeong Yeob Choi, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio ; Jason Fine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Maurice Alan Brookhart, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
3:20 PM Sufficient Cause Interaction for Ordinal Outcomes Jaffer Zaidi, Harvard University ; Tyler J. VanderWeele, Harvard University
3:35 PM Floor Discussion
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