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465 * Wed, 8/2/2017, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-313
Biometrics and High-Dimensional Data — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Science
Chair(s): Huaqing Zhao
8:35 AM Data-Adaptive Statistics for Multiple Hypothesis Testing in High-Dimensional Settings Weixin Cai, University of California, Berkeley ; Alan Hubbard, University of California, Berkeley
9:05 AM Grouping Methods for Estimating the Prevalences of Rare Traits from Complex Survey Data that Preserve Confidentiality of Respondents Noorie Hyun, National Cancer Institute ; Joseph Gastwirth, the George Washington University ; Barry I. Graubard, National Cancer Institute
9:20 AM Test for a Change Point in the Linear Combination of Risk Predictors Ju Hee Cho, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ; Ying Huang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
9:35 AM Score Test for Case-Cohort Design Applied to High-Throughput Gene Expression Analysis Huining Kang, University of New Mexico ; John Carl Pesko, University of New Mexico
9:50 AM Identification of Conditionally Essential Genes in Transposon Sequencing Studies Lili Zhao, University of Michigan
10:05 AM Empirical Null Estimation Using Zero Inflated Discrete Mixture Distributions and Its Application to Protein Domain Data Iris Ivy Gauran ; Junyong Park, University of Maryland at Baltimore County ; DoHwan Park, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ; Maricel Kann, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ; Thomas Peterson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ; John Zylstra, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ; John Spouge, NCBI,NLM,NIH ; Johan Lim, Seoul National University
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