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464 Wed, 8/2/2017, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-312
Missing Data — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section
Chair(s): Jayawant Mandrekar, Mayo Clinic
8:50 AM Conditional Likelihood Ratio Test for Multivariate One-Sided Hypotheses with Missing Data Madhurima Majumder, University of Rochester ; Michael McDermott, University of Rochester
9:05 AM Estimand Choice and Handling of Treatment Switch in Randomized Clinical Trials Ulker Aydemir, INC Research
9:20 AM Methods for Handling Missing Data Due to Death and Dropout in Mortal Cohorts Lan Wen, University of Cambridge ; Shaun Seaman, MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge
9:35 AM Bayesian Regression Models for Group Testing in the Presence of Dilution Effects Md S. Warasi, Radford University ; Timothy Hanson, University of South Carolina ; Joshua Tebbs, University of South Carolina
9:50 AM Partial Observability with Exchangeable Binary Outcomes Aniko Szabo, Medical College of Wisconsin ; Nicholas DeVogel, Medical College of Wisonsin
10:05 AM How Many Validation Samples Are Needed for Phenotyping Error Correction in EHR-Based Association Studies? Jing Huang, University of Pennsylvania ; Rui Duan, University of Pennsylvania ; Rebecca Hubbard, University of Pennsylvania ; Hua Xu, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ; Yong Chen, University of Pennsylvania
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