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23 * ! Sun, 7/30/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-325
Increasing Efficiency and Integrity of Randomized Trials: Covariate-Adjusted Randomization and Monitoring Patient Accrual and Selection Bias — Topic Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
Organizer(s): Jonathan J Chipman, Vanderbilt University
Chair(s): William Rosenberger, George Mason University
2:05 PM Techniques for Matched Randomization in Sequential Enrollment Trials Jonathan J Chipman, Vanderbilt University ; Cole Beck, Vanderbilt University ; Robert A Greevy, Jr, Vanderbilt University
2:25 PM Balanced Covariates with Response Adaptive Randomization Benjamin Saville, Berry Consultants
2:45 PM Sequential Patient Recruitment Monitoring Dong-Yun Kim, NHLBI/NIH ; Sung-Min Han, OSEHRA
3:05 PM Flexible Minimization: Synergistic Solution for Selection Bias Donald Taves
3:25 PM Floor Discussion
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