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654 * ! Thu, 8/3/2017, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-327
Teaching Introductory Statistics Using Simulation-Based Inference Methods — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Education , Statistics in Business Schools Interest Group
Organizer(s): Whitney Alicia Zimmerman, The Pennsylvania State University
Chair(s): James L Rosenberger, The Pennsylvania State University
10:35 AM Integrating Randomization Methods in the Introductory Statistics Course Paul Velleman, Cornell University
10:55 AM Pilot of a Simulation-Based Inference (SBI) Approach in an Online Undergraduate-Level Introductory Statistics Course Whitney Alicia Zimmerman, The Pennsylvania State University ; Mengzhao Gao, The Pennsylvania State University ; Glenn Johnson, The Pennsylvania State University ; Daniel Adam Spencer, University of California, Santa Cruz ; Daisy Philtron, The Pennsylvania State University
11:15 AM Teaching Students to Test Robustness via Simulation Cassandra Pattanayak, Wellesley College
11:35 AM Graduate Students Teaching Simulation-Based Inference Laura Ziegler
11:55 AM Pedagogical Considerations for Simulation-Based Inference in a Large-Enrollment Introductory Biostatistics Course Matthew Beckman, Penn State University ; Kari Lock Morgan, Penn State University
12:15 PM Floor Discussion
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