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9 * Sun, 7/30/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-336
When Location Is Random: Advances in Statistical Modeling and Inference for Spatial Point Processes — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment , Section on Statistical Computing , Association of American Geographers , Statistics Without Borders
Organizer(s): Veronica J Berrocal, University of Michigan
Chair(s): Veronica J Berrocal, University of Michigan
2:05 PM Nonparametric Inference for Point Processes Tailen Hsing, University of Michigan ; Jinqi Shen, University of Michigan
2:30 PM Spatial Point Processes on the Sphere Ege Rubak, Aalborg University
2:55 PM A New Clustered Temporal Point Process Model with Application to Social Media Data — Jingfei Zhang, University of Miami ; Yongtao Guan, University of Miami ; Hansheng Wang, Peking University ; Xuening Zhu, Peking University
3:20 PM Multivariate Spatial Point Patterns via Correlated Bernoulli Indicators Matthew Heaton, Brigham Young University ; Matthew Bekker, Brigham Young University
3:45 PM Floor Discussion
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