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379 * ! Tue, 8/1/2017, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-340
Understanding HIV/AIDS Epidemics with Newly Available Data Sources — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology , American Public Health Association , Biometrics Section , Statistics Without Borders
Organizer(s): Le Bao, Penn State University
Chair(s): Katherine McLaughlin, Oregon State University
2:05 PM Estimating Continuous Long-Term Daily Health Behavior Using Missing by Design Methods with Application for Medication Adherence of People Living with HIV Ofer Harel, University of Connecticut
2:30 PM Statistical Models for Estimating HIV/AIDS Epidemics with Multiple Types of Prevalence Data Le Bao, Penn State University
2:55 PM Modeling Power to Detect Changes in HIV Incidence Through Routine ANC Attendance Data Britta J. Jewell, UC Berkeley ; Jennifer Smith, Imperial College London ; Timothy B. Hallett, Imperial College London ; Ann Duerr, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
3:20 PM Inference from Respondent-Driven Sampling Data: Progress and Challenges Krista Gile, University of Massachusetts ; Miles Ott, Smith College ; Isabelle Beaudry, PUC Santiago, Chile
3:45 PM Floor Discussion
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