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Sessions Were Renumbered as of May 19.

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H = Hilton Chicago,   UC= Conference Chicago at University Center
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559 Wed, 8/3/2016, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM CC-Hall F1 West
SPEED: Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Analysis, Part 2A — Contributed Poster Presentations
Biometrics Section , Biopharmaceutical Section
Chair(s): Genevera Allen, Rice University
The oral portion will take place during Session 213149
1: Statistical Inference of Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Randomized Clinical Trials Wanying Zhao, The George Washington University
3: Adaptive Estimation of Personalized Maximum Tolerated Doses in Cancer Phase I Clinical Trials According to All Toxicities and Individual Characteristics Zhengjia Chen, Emory University ; Zheng Li, Penn State University ; Ying Yuan, MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Michael Kutner, Emory University ; Taofeek Owonikoko, Emory University ; Walter J. Curran, Emory University ; Jeanne Kowalski, Emory University
4: Small Sample Inference in Imbalanced Cluster Randomized Clinical Trials with Binary Outcomes Dong Hyun Ahn, New York University ; Judith D. Goldberg, New York University School of Medicine
5: Robust Generalized Multivariate Bioequivalence Srinand Ponnathapura Nandakumar, Quintiles
6: Explore Methodologies for Extrapolation of Efficacy from the Adult to the Specific Pediatric Population Yao Li, AbbVie ; Bidan Huang, AbbVie
7: A Clinical Trial Design Based on the Concept of Relative Time Using the Generalized Gamma Ratio Distribution Milind Phadnis, University of Kansas Medical Center
8: Improved Methods for the Marginal Analysis of Longitudinal Data in the Presence of Time-Dependent Covariates I-Chen Chen, University of Kentucky ; Philip Westgate, University of Kentucky
9: Proportional Likelihood Ratio Mixed Model Hongqian Wu, University of Iowa ; Michael Jones, University of Iowa
10: Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Assessing SNP Effects on Treatment Efficacy Yushi Liu ; Jason C. Hsu, Eli Lilly and Company/The Ohio State University
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