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Sessions Were Renumbered as of May 19.

CC-W = McCormick Place Convention Center, West Building,   CC-N = McCormick Place Convention Center, North Building
H = Hilton Chicago,   UC= Conference Chicago at University Center
* = applied session       ! = JSM meeting theme

Activity Details

698 * ! Thu, 8/4/2016, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-W186c
New Challenges in Complex Data Modeling II — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , Biopharmaceutical Section , International Chinese Statistical Association
Chair(s): Gu Mi, Eli Lilly and Company
10:35 AM Inference of an Additive Transient Binding Model Jason Bernstein
10:50 AM Stable Balancing Weights for Marginal Structural Models Maria de los Angeles Resa Juarez, Columbia University ; Jose Zubizarreta, Columbia University
11:05 AM Constrained Inference for Double Cone Alternatives Xuechan Li, Duke University ; Janice McCarthy, Duke University ; Zhiguo Li, Duke University ; Andrew Allen, Duke University ; Kouros Owzar, Duke University
11:20 AM An Instrumental Variable Approach to Generalizing Experimental Results Chaitra Nagaraja, Fordham University ; Dylan Small, University of Pennsylvania
11:35 AM A Factor Analysis Model for Estimating the Structure of Related Covariance Matrices Teal Guidici ; George Michailidis, University of Florida
11:50 AM Quantification of Imbalances in Baseline Covariates in Observational Studies Adin-Cristian Andrei, Northwestern University
12:05 PM Floor Discussion
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