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563 Wed, 8/12/2015, 11:35 AM - 12:20 PM CC-4B
SPEED: Issues in Sample Survey and Government Statistics, Part 2 — Contributed Poster Presentations
Government Statistics Section
Chair(s): Xiaochun Li, Indiana University School of Medicine
1: Who Are the Non-Voters? Bingchen Liu ; Lynne Stokes, Southern Methodist University
2: Census Tract-Level Disparities: Examining Food Swamps and Food Deserts Lucy D'Agostino McGowan, Vanderbilt University ; Alice Toll, Vanderbilt University
3: Exploring the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Talha Ali, Yale School of Public Health ; Owais Gilani, University of Michigan School of Public Health
4: Determinants of Poverty in U.S. Guillermo Basulto-Elias, Iowa State University ; Natalia A. Da Silva, Iowa State University
5: An Assessment of Developmental Trajectory of Baby Boomers in the United States: A Latent Growth Curve Modeling Application Kranti Dugar, University of Denver
6: Optimal and Coherent Data Visualization in R for the Empirical Study of CPI-U Standard Errors Harold Gomes, Bureau of Labor Statistics
7: Results from a CATI Follow-Up of Respondents from a Face-to-Face 2013 National Survey of Egypt David Peng, D3 Systems ; Samuel Solomon, D3 Systems
8: Sensitivity Analysis of Bias of Estimates from Web Surveys with Nonrandomized Panel Selection Vladislav Beresovsky, National Center for Health Statistics
9: Travel Price Indexes: Joys and Headaches of Online Collection Catherine Deshaies-Moreault, Statistics Canada ; Martin Beaulieu, Statistics Canada
10: The Effect of CE Sample Sizes on CPI Standard Errors Jenny FitzGerald, Bureau of Labor Statistics
11: Challenges and Rewards of Editing Complex Survey Data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey Kelly Myrick, National Center for Health Statistics
12: Gravimetric Anomaly Detection Using Compressed Sensing Hoyt Koepke, University of Washington ; Ryan Kappedal, Air Force Institute of Technology ; Marina Meila, University of Washington
13: Application of Industry-Specific Sample Strata in PPI Variance Estimation Teresa E. Hesley, Bureau of Labor Statistics
14: On the Range of Self-Normalized Cramer-Type Moderate Deviations Lin Ge, MSU Meridian
15: Field-Testing the Collection of New Data Elements in the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey Carrie Jones, Bureau of Labor Statistics ; Cori Martinelli, Bureau of Labor Statistics
16: Decomposing Wage Inequality Using OES Data Elizabeth Cross, Bureau of Labor Statistics
17: Trend Estimation of Multivariate Time Series with Controlled Smoothness Lilia L. Ramirez Ramirez, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México ; Victor Guerrero, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México ; Alejandro Islas-Camargo, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
18: Insurgency Prediction Using Multiple High-Volume Social Media Data Sources Gizem Korkmaz, Virginia Tech ; Shane Reese, Brigham Young University ; Dave Higdon, Virginia Tech ; Sallie Keller, Virginia Tech ; Naren Ramakrishnan, Virginia Tech
19: Accessing and Exploring NCES Data Through Online Training Modules and Data Tools Andrew White, National Center for Education Statistics ; Jennifer L. Nielsen, Manhattan Strategy Group
20: Interactive X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment Using R James Livsey, U.S. Census Bureau

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