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554 Wed, 8/12/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-4B
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Statistics in Epidemiology — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Chair(s): Lan Xue, Oregon State University
32: Likelihood-Based Inference on Weakly Interacting State-Space Processes Joon Ha Park
33: Clustering Technique Applied to a Case-Control Study of the Association of Emergency Department Respiratory Admissions and School Outdoors and Indoors Exposures, New York State JeanPierre Munsie, CEH/New York State Department of Health ; Cris Pantea, CEH/New York State Department of Health ; Shao Lin, CEH/New York State Department of Health
34: Female Genital Circumcision and the Risk of HIV Infection Among the Kikuyu People of Kenya: A Propensity Scores Analysis Alula Hadgu, CDC ; Maya R. Sternberg, CDC
35: A Novel Empirical Bayes Mixture Model for Pharmacovigilance Research Using the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System Pengyue Zhang, Indiana University
36: Assessing Bias Due to Competing Risk of Death in Traditional Survival Analysis of the Longitudinal Health and Retirement Study of the Elderly U.S. Population Jia Li, NIOSH ; Sharon Silver, NIOSH ; Toni Alterman, NIOSH ; Marie Sweeney, NIOSH ; Walter Alarcon, NIOSH
37: Estimating Polio Campaign Coverage and Immunity Status from Dose Histories Arend Voorman, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ; Alexander Upfill-Brown, Institute for Disease Modeling ; Hil Lyons, Institute for Disease Modeling ; Guillaume Chabot-Couture, Institute for Disease Modeling
38: Measuring Sexual Orientation and Discordant Sexual Identity Among U.S. Adults Christopher Johnson, CDC ; Tricia Martin, CDC ; Emeka Oraka, CDC ; Muazzam Nasrullah, CDC ; Elizabeth DiNenno, CDC
39: A Bayesian Model for Identifying and Predicting the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Urban Insect Infestations Erica Billig, University of Pennsylvania ; Michael Levy, University of Pennsylvania ; Jason Roy, University of Pennsylvania
40: Some Hybrid Approaches to Prediction of a Binary Outcome Ho-Lan Peng, The University of Texas Health Science Center ; Chih-Hsien Wu ; Wenyaw Chan, The University of Texas School of Public Health
41: Multi-State Model with Missing Continuous Covariate Wenjie Lou, University of Kentucky ; Richard J. Kryscio, University of Kentucky
42: Goodness-of-Fit Test for Multinomial Regression Model in NUN Study Zhiheng Xie ; Richard J. Kryscio, University of Kentucky
43: Efficiency and Model Selection Compared Between Nested Case Control and Full Cohort Incidence Studies Reid Landes, Radiation Effects Research Foundation ; Daisuke Haruta, Radiation Effects Research Foundation
44: Comparison of Methods for Adjustment of Confounding by Indication in Assessing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Immunoprophylaxis Impact on Childhood Asthma Tebeb Gebretsadik, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine ; Kecia Carroll, Vanderbilt University ; Gabriel Escobar, Kaiser Permanente ; Pingsheng Wu, Vanderbilt University ; Sherian Xu Li, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research ; Eileen M. Walsh, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research ; ; Chantel Sloan, Brigham Young University ; William D. Dupont, Vanderbilt University ; Tina V. Hartert, Vanderbilt University
45: Network Dynamics of Physician Care Networks Figaro Loresto, The University of Texas Medical Branch ; Daniel Jupiter, The University of Texas Medical Branch ; Deepak Adhikari, The University of Texas Medical Branch ; Taylor Sohn Riall, The University of Texas Medical Branch ; Yong-Fang Kuo, The University of Texas Medical Branch
46: Bootstrap Estimates of Synthetic Cohort Incidence Estimates Bryan Sayer, Social & Scientific Systems
47: A Piecewise Exponential Change Point Model to Estimate the Duration of the Effect of World Trade Center Exposure on Incident Diagnoses of Chronic Rhinosinusitis — Charles B. Hall, Albert Einstein College of Medicine ; Jessica Weakley, Montefiore Medical Center ; Xiaoxue Liu, Montefiore Medical Center ; Rachel Zeig-Owens, Montefiore Medical Center ; Mayris Webber, Montefiore Medical Center ; David Prezant, Fire Department of the City of New York
48: Considerations in Poisson and Negative Binomial Model Selection for Identification of Risk Factors for Caries Development in Potentially Heterogeneous High-Risk Populations Keyla Pagan-Rivera ; Deborah Dawson, The University of Iowa ; Karin Weber-Gasparoni, The University of Iowa ; John J. Warren, The University of Iowa ; Katherine W.O. Kramer, Health Integrity LLC ; Teresa A. Marshall, The University of Iowa ; David C. Johnsen, The University of Iowa
49: Using the Parental Phenotypes in Case-Parent Studies David M. Umbach, NIEHS/NIH ; Min Shi, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ; Clarice R. Weinberg, NIH/NIEHS
50: A Comparison of Methods to Address Unmeasured Confounding When Internal or External Validation Data Are Available Dane R. Van Domelen, Emory University ; Robert H. Lyles, Emory University ; Sunni L. Mumford, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development ; ; Enrique F. Schisterman, NIH
51: Meta-Analysis Comparing National Children's Study Values to Comparable Literature Values John Rogers, Westat
52: Survival Disparities Among Asian-American and White Women with Cervical Cancer Van T. Nghiem, The University of Texas School of Public Health ; Kalatu R. Davies, MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Wenyaw Chan, The University of Texas School of Public Health ; Zuber D. Mulla, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ; Scott B. Cantor, MD Anderson Cancer Center
54: Prevalence of Blood Lead Level (BLL) Among School Children in Evansville, Indiana, and Its Impact on School Performance Shailendra N. Banerjee, National Center for Environmental Health ; Mary Jean Brown, National Center for Environmental Health ; Randal Young, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
55: Association Between Ozone and Mortality Among Asthma Patients Mayada Ali Aljehani, Loma Linda University ; Mark Ghamsary, Loma Linda University ; Keiji Oda, Loma Linda University

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