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373 Tue, 8/11/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-4B
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Business and Economic Statistics Section — Contributed Poster Presentations
Business and Economic Statistics Section
Chair(s): Lan Xue, Oregon State University
53: Reasons for Misreporting Government Transfers: Evidence from Multiple Surveys and Programs Pablo Celhay
54: A Capital Asset Pricing Model in the Presence of Market Structural Breaks Su Yang, Mount Sinai High School ; Haipeng Xing, SUNY Stony Brook
55: Resampling Inhomogeneous Marked Point Processes William Garner, Gilead Sciences ; Dimitris Politis, UC San Diego
56: On the Limit of Conditional Spearman's Rho Under the Common Factor Model Taehan Bae, University of Regina ; Ian Iscoe, IBM
57: Examining Diagnostics for Trading-Day Effects from X13-ARIMA-SEATS Osbert Pang, U.S. Census Bureau ; Brian Monsell, U.S. Census Bureau
58: The Citation Pattern for Business and Statistics Journals: Changes in the 21st Century Mary Whiteside, The University of Texas at Arlington ; Mark Eakin, The University of Texas at Arlington ; Sridhar Nerur, The University of Texas at Arlington
59: Change in Trading Rules and Its Impact on the Distributional Properties of Commodity Futures Yoshinori Kawasaki, Institute of Statistical Mathematics ; Yoshimitsu Aoki, Quick Corp.
60: Business Failure Prediction for Canadian Charitable Organizations Using Data Mining Methods Xu Wang, St. Francis Xavier University ; Zhouqin He, St. Francis Xavier University
61: Approximate Bayesian Computation for Lorenz Curves from Grouped Data Kazuhiko Kakamu, Kobe University ; Genya Kobayashi, Chiba University
62: Dependence Modeling via Voronoi-Based Cluster Analysis Ricardo Couto, IBMEC ; Luiz Duczmal, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais ; Denise Burgarelli, UFMG ; Felipe Álvares da Silva, UFMG
63: Multivariate Statistical Methods in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Fassil Nebebe, Concordia University ; Tak Kwan Mak, Concordia University
64: Bayesian Nonparametrics with Moment Conditions Reza Solgi, Harvard University ; Luke Bornn, Harvard University ; Neil Shephard, Harvard University
65: An Investigation of the Day-of-the-Week Effect on the Volatility and Returns of Individual S&P 500 Sectors V.A. Samaranayake, Missouri University of Science and Technology ; Juan Liu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
66: Causal Inference in Large-Scale Observational Studies: A Case Study of eBay Mobile App Releases Vadim von Brzeski, UC Santa Cruz/eBay Research Labs ; Matt Taddy, The University of Chicago ; David Draper, UC Santa Cruz/eBay Research Labs

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