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702 Thu, 8/13/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-620
General Methodology and Applications in Biostatistics — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , ENAR , Section on Statistics and the Environment
Chair(s): Jiaqi Li, University of Pennsylvania
10:35 AM Choosing a Working Correlation Structure for GEE: Making Use of Selection Penalties Philip Westgate, University of Kentucky ; Woodrow Burchett, University of Kentucky
10:50 AM Versatile Tests for Comparing Survival Curves Based on Weighted Logrank Statistics Theodore Karrison, The University of Chicago
11:05 AM A Probability Model for Comparing Estimates of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness from Case-Control Studies Michael Haber, Emory University ; Qian An, Emory University ; Meng Shi, Emory University
11:20 AM A Comparison Study on Distributional Assumption Tests for Poisson Regression Model Deniz Ozonur, Gazi University ; Hatice Tul Kubra Akdur, Gazi University ; Hulya Bayrak, Gazi University
11:35 AM Disease Risk Estimation by Combining Case-Control Data with Aggregated Information on the Population at Risk Xiaohui Chang, Oregon State University ; Rasmus Waagepetersen, Aalborg University ; Xiaomei Ma, Yale University ; Theodore Holford, Yale University ; Rong Wang, Yale University ; Yongtao Guan, University of Miami
11:50 AM Interpretable Treatment Regimes Yichi Zhang, North Carolina State University ; Eric Laber, North Carolina State University ; Anastasios Tsiatis, North Carolina State University ; Marie Davidian, North Carolina State University
12:05 PM Explicit Integrated Population Modeling: Escaping the Conventional Assumption of Independence Audrey Beliveau, Simon Fraser University ; Roger Pradel, Centre d'écologie fonctionnelle et évolutive ; Michael Schaub, Swiss Ornithological Institute ; Richard Lockhart, Simon Fraser University ; Carl J. Schwarz, Simon Fraser University

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