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369 Tue, 8/11/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-605
Nonparametric Regression — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining
Chair(s): Glen Colopy, University of Oxford
10:35 AM A Method for Confounder Adjustment in Tree-Based Survival Analysis Dawei Liu, Biogen Idec ; John Zhong, Biogen Idec ; Stacy Rachelle Lindborg, Biogen Idec ; Lei Xu, Biogen Idec ; Donald Johns, Biogen Idec
10:50 AM Heteroscedastic Regression Trees for Joint Modeling of Means and Variances Thomas Loughin, Simon Fraser University ; Andrew Henrey, Simon Fraser University
11:05 AM High-Dimensional Heteroscedastic Regression Yuwen Gu, University of Minnesota ; Hui Zou, University of Minnesota
11:20 AM L1 Splitting Rule in Survival Forests Hoora Moradian ; Denis Larocque, HEC Montreal ; Fran├žois Bellavance, HEC Montreal
11:35 AM Model Selection in High-Dimensional Misspecified Models Pallavi Basu, University of Southern California
11:50 AM A Flexible Procedure to Analyze High-Dimensional Data with Discrete Responses Xiang Liu, University of South Florida ; Tian Chen, University of Rochester ; Yuanzhang Li, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research ; Hua Liang, The George Washington University
12:05 PM Augmenting Traditional Estimation with Nondesigned Data: Application to the U.S. Unemployment Rate Robert Montgomery, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Martin Barron, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Nicki Dunnavant, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Yongheng Lin, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Ilana Ventura, NORC at the University of Chicago

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