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41 Sun, 8/9/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-201
High-Dimensional Applications — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining , Section on Statistics in Defense and National Security
Chair(s): Hsin-Cheng Huang, Academia Sinica
2:05 PM Mapping Epistasis and Plasticity for Quantitative Genetic Shape Variation Using Tree-Structured Models Xiaotian Dai ; Guifang Fu, Utah State University
2:20 PM An Actor-Critic Contextual Bandit Algorithm for Personalized Interventions Using Mobile Devices Huitian Lei, University of Michigan ; Ambuj Tewari, University of Michigan ; Susan A. Murphy, University of Michigan
2:35 PM Getting Your Photo 'Explored' on Flickr: A Predictive Model Using Photo Metadata Enayetur Raheem, University of Northern Colorado ; Niloofar Ramezani, University of Northern Colorado
2:50 PM Comparison of R and Vowpal Wabbit for Click Prediction in Display Advertising Jaimyoung Kwon, AOL Advertising ; Bin Ren, AOL Platforms ; Rajasekhar Cherukuri, AOL Platforms ; Marius Holtan, AOL Platforms
3:05 PM Judgement Post-Stratification to Improve Inference of Link-Tracing Samples with Applications to Network Data Ran Wei, The Ohio State University ; Elizabeth Stasny, The Ohio State University ; David Sivakoff, The Ohio State University
3:20 PM Album Recommendation System Based on Random Forest Method and Mixed Effect Model Taikgun Song ; Sanghoon Cho, Iowa State University ; Hyeongseon Jeon, Iowa State University
3:35 PM Bayesian Estimation of Sufficient Dimension-Reduction Space Moumita Karmakar, University of Maryland, Baltimore County ; Kofi Placid Adragni, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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