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38 * Sun, 8/9/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-613
Applications in Biological and Health Data — Contributed Papers
Biometrics Section , Section on Statistics and the Environment , Statistics Without Borders
Chair(s): Kenneth Wilkins, NIH
2:05 PM Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Aphid Dynamics — Bahman Shafii, University of Idaho ; John Merickel, University of Idaho
2:20 PM A Discriminant Function for Renal Inflammatory Activity Associated with Lupus Nephritis Alice Hinton, The Ohio State University ; H.N. Nagaraja, The Ohio State University ; Brad Rovin, The Ohio State University Medical Center
2:35 PM WITHDRAWN: Regional Analysis of the Cancer Mortality Rates in the United States — Doo Young Kim, University of South Florida ; Chris P. Tsokos, University of South Florida
2:50 PM Evaluation of risk factors in survival of breast cancer patients Sandra Ramirez, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Seccional Cali ; Luis Cid-Serrano, Universidad del Bio Bio ; Marcela Valdes Guerra, Universidad del Bio Bio ; Jose Steinberg, Hospital Las Higueras
3:05 PM 50-Year Trends and State Variation in Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in U.S. Infant Death Rates, 1960 to 2010 Yuen Yi Lee, University of Technology, Sydney ; Jarvis Chen , Harvard University ; Brent Coull, Harvard University ; Linda Valeri, Harvard University ; Nakul Singh, Harvard University ; Sofia Gruskin, Harvard University ; Jason Beckfield, Harvard University ; Nancy Krieger, Harvard University
3:20 PM Universal and Individual Characteristics of Postural Sway During Quiet Stance in Healthy Young Adults Charles Smith, North Carolina State University ; Tomohisa Yamamoto, Osaka University ; Taishin Nomura, Osaka University
3:35 PM Effects of Beta Blockers on Hospital Admission Rates and Cost Naihui Zhou, Columbia University ; Ronald Low, MetroPlus ; Shunsuke Ito, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation ; Van Dunn, MetroPlus

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