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140 * ! Mon, 8/10/2015, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM TCC-204
Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization Q&P Data — Contributed Papers
Quality and Productivity Section , Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences , Government Statistics Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians
Chair(s): Abdel-Salam Gomaa, Qatar University
8:35 AM A Spatial Calibration Model for 2-D Quality Prediction Kaibo Wang, Tsinghua University
8:50 AM Strictly Positive Estimates of Variance Components for Measurement Systems Analysis Models Laura Lancaster, SAS Institute ; Christopher Gotwalt, SAS Institute
9:05 AM Multivariate Prediction in the Original Units When Using Manly's Exponential Transformation Michael Walker, The University of Alabama ; Marcus Perry, The University of Alabama
9:35 AM Testing the Adequacy of a Semi-Markov Process Richard Seymour ; Christine Schubert Kabban, Air Force Institute of Technology ; Gilbert Peterson, Air Force Institute of Technology ; Richard Warr, Air Force Institute of Technology
9:50 AM The Truth About Metagenomics: Quantifying and Counteracting Bias in 16S RRNA Studies David Edwards, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Vaginal Microbiome Consortium, Virginia Commonwealth University
10:05 AM Creating Robust Linear Models Using Generalized Linear Regression (GLR) Scott Wise, JMP (A Division of SAS, Inc.) ; Brady Brady, JMP (A Division of SAS, Inc.)

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