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426 Tue, 8/11/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-401
Data Quality — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section , Government Statistics Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians , Committee on Applied Statisticians
Chair(s): Barbara Carlson, Mathematica Policy Research
2:05 PM Decomposing the Interviewer Variance Introduced by Standardized and Conversational Interviewing Brady T. West, University of Michigan Institute for Social Research ; Frederick G. Conrad, Institute for Social Research ; Frauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology ; Felicitas Mittereder, Institute for Social Research ; Jen Durow, Institute for Social Research
2:20 PM Assessing Measurement Error in an Energy Use Survey of Manufacturing Businesses Kenneth Pick, U.S. Census Bureau ; Tom Lorenz, U.S. Energy Information Administration ; Mary Susan Bucci, U.S. Census Bureau ; Leif E. Crider, U.S. Census Bureau
2:35 PM Quality and Measurement Error Assessment of Juvenile Interviews in the NCVS Caroline Blanton, RTI International ; Marcus Berzofsky, RTI International ; Kimberly Peterson, RTI International ; Philip Lee, RTI International ; Lynn Langton, Bureau of Justice Statistics ; Michael Planty, Bureau of Justice Statistics
2:50 PM Repeating After You: Dependent Interviewing in Establishment Surveys Jennifer Edgar, Bureau of Labor Statistics ; Heather Ridolfo, NASS
3:05 PM Improving Editing Efficiency: How a Comprehensive Program Interface Reduces the Time Cost of the Comment Review Process Richard Windle, Federal Reserve Board
3:20 PM Using Mixture Models for Heaped Data with Rounded Responses and True Spikes Minsun Riddles, Westat ; Sharon Lohr, Westat ; Ardeshir Eftekharzadeh, IRS
3:35 PM Characterizing Discrepancies in Reported Acreage Between the Census of Agriculture and June Agricultural Survey Michael Bellow, USDA/NASS ; Heather Ridolfo, NASS

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