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137 Mon, 8/10/2015, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-3A
Calibration — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians
Chair(s): Stephen Cohen, NORC at the University of Chicago
8:35 AM Latent Variable Models for Nonresponse Adjustment and Calibration Brian Meekins, Bureau of Labor Statistics
8:50 AM Results of Calibration Research for the 2015 American Housing Survey Brian Shaffer ; Stephen Ash, U.S. Census Bureau ; Ernest Lawley, U.S. Census Bureau
9:05 AM Improving Precision by Calculating Estimates During the Calibration Process Marcus Berzofsky, RTI International ; Bonnie Shook-Sa, RTI International ; George Couzens, RTI International ; Phil Kott, RTI International
9:20 AM Calibration for the Census of Agriculture Andrea C. Lamas, USDA/NASS ; Kelly Toppin, USDA/NASS ; Matthew Williams, Department of Health and Human Services ; Linda J. Young, USDA/NASS ; Clifford Spiegelman, Texas A&M University
9:35 AM Combining Nonresponse and Calibration Adjustments in Weighting Stephen Ash, U.S. Census Bureau
9:50 AM Estimation of Finite Population Mean and Total Using Conditional Inclusion Probabilities Given the Population Ranks Omer Ozturk, The Ohio State University
10:05 AM Floor Discussion

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