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77 Sun, 8/9/2015, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-201
Using Multiple Sources of Data — Contributed Papers
Survey Research Methods Section , Government Statistics Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians
Chair(s): Jennifer Childs, U.S. Census Bureau
4:05 PM Are Proxy Responses Better Than Administrative Records? ; Andrew Keller, U.S. Census Bureau ; Tyler W. Fox, U.S. Census Bureau
4:20 PM Studying the Association of Environmental Measures Linked with Health Data: A Case Study Using the Linked National Health Interview Survey and Modeled Ambient PM2.5 Data Rong Wei, CDC/NCHS/ORM ; Van Parsons, National Center for Health Statistics ; Jennifer D. Parker, National Center for Health Statistics
4:35 PM Applying Pattern-Mixture Models for Estimation from Multiple Data Sources Jeffrey Gonzalez, Bureau of Labor Statistics ; John L. Eltinge, Bureau of Labor Statistics
4:50 PM Re-Contact Within the Justice System: Integrating Multiple Data Sources Through Record Linkage Alexander Reicker, Statistics Canada
5:05 PM Changes in Labor Market Behavior Due to Panel Conditioning in a German Panel Study Ruben Bach, Institute for Employment Research ; Stephanie Eckman, Institute for Employment Research
5:20 PM Treatment of Missing Data in the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System: A Case Study in the Bakken Region Dan Liao, RTI International ; Marcus Berzofsky, RTI International ; David Heller, RTI International ; Kelle Barrick, RTI International ; Matthew DeMichele, RTI International
5:35 PM Alternative Methods for Sampling and Estimation in the National Immunization Survey (NIS): Utilizing Immunization Information Systems (IIS) Data Elizabeth Ormson, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Xian Tao, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Nadarajasundaram Ganesh, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Vicki Pineau, NORC at the University of Chicago ; Kirk Wolter, NORC at the University of Chicago ; James A. Singleton, NCIRD/CDC ; Stacie Greby, CDC ; Laura Pabst, CDC ; LaTreace Harris, CDC ; Sarah Reagan-Steiner, CDC ; Holly A. Hill, CDC

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