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424 Tue, 8/11/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-210
Environmental Health and Monitoring — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment , Statistics Without Borders
Chair(s): Emily L. Kang, University of Cincinnati
2:05 PM Multivariate Statistical Methods for Sediment Contaminant Exposure and Effects Margaret Nikolov, U.S. Naval Academy ; Virginia Brodie, USNA, Marine Corps
2:20 PM Pollution Mixtures and Risk of Low Birth Weight Boubakari Ibrahimou, Florida International University ; Yiliang Zhu, University of South Florida ; Hamisu Salihu, University of South Florida
2:35 PM Prediction of PM10 and PM2.5 Concentration Using Land Use Data and Spatial Correlation Tomoshige Nakamura ; Mihoko Minami, Keio University
2:50 PM Modeling Carbon Edge Effects Detected by Remote Sensing Across the Pantropics Ivan Ramler, St. Lawrence University ; Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer, Natural Capital Project ; Richard Sharp, Natural Capital Project ; Nick Haddad, North Carolina State University
3:05 PM Estimating Species Abundance and Basal Area of Oaks in Shenandoah National Park Jing Zhang, Miami University ; M. Henry H. Stevens, Miami University
3:20 PM Approaches to Effective Sample Size Estimation for Trend Detection in Time Series Christopher Comiskey ; Charlotte Wickham, Oregon State University ; Alix I. Gitelman, Oregon State University
3:35 PM Floor Discussion

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