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246 Mon, 8/10/2015, 2:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-611
Important Issues in Clinical Trials, Meta-Analysis, and Diagnostic Medicine — Contributed Papers
Health Policy Statistics Section , Biometrics Section
Chair(s): A. James O'Malley, Dartmouth College
2:05 PM A Look at Multivariate Meta-Analysis Joseph Cappelleri, Pfizer Inc.
2:20 PM Implications of Self-Reported Dietary Intake Measured with Error in Longitudinal Lifestyle Intervention Trials Juned Siddique, Northwestern University
2:35 PM Randomization Inference and Sensitivity Analysis with Binary Outcomes in Matched Observational Studies Through Integer Programming Colin Fogarty, The Wharton School ; Dylan Small, University of Pennsylvania ; Mark E. Mikkelsen, University of Pennsylvania ; Pixu Shi, University of Pennsylvania
2:50 PM Least Squares ROC Method for Tests with the Absence of the Gold Standard Liansheng Tang, NIH Clinical Center/George Mason University ; Minh Huynh, IMPAQ International, LLC ; Leighton Chan, NIH Clinical Center ; John Collins, NIH Clinical Center ; Ao Yuan, NIH ; Xuan Che, NIH Clinical Center
3:05 PM How to Reliably Quantify the Scientific Soundness of Quality Measures? A Monte Carlo Simulation Attempt Fei Xing, Mathematica Policy Research ; Sheng Wang, Mathematica Policy Research
3:20 PM Adaptive HIV Classification in Malawi Using Particle Swarm Optimization Sitaram Vangala, UCLA ; Chi-hong Tseng, UCLA ; Weng Kee Wong, UCLA ; Risa Hoffman, UCLA ; Alan Schooley, UCLA
3:35 PM CORE/NON-CORE Configuration Within BIG-DATA Analytics Turkan Kumbaraci Gardenier, Pro-File Computer Institute ; George H. Gardenier, Postdoctoral Fellow ; John S. Gardenier, National Center for Health Statistics (Retired)

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