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423 Tue, 8/11/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-304
Disclosure Avoidance, Data Privacy, and Perturbed Data: Protecting Sensitive Data — Contributed Papers
Government Statistics Section
Chair(s): Gwyn Ferguson, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2:05 PM Disclosure Avoidance Techniques at the U.S. Census Bureau: Current Practices and Research William Wisniewski, U.S. Census Bureau ; Laura McKenna, U.S. Census Bureau ; Amy Lauger, U.S. Census Bureau
2:20 PM Data Privacy Protection via Integration of Data Synthesis and Differential Privacy Claire Bowen, University of Notre Dame ; Fang Liu, University of Notre Dame
2:35 PM Measuring the Degree of Difference in Perturbed Data — Marlow Lemons, U.S. Census Bureau ; Aref Dajani, U.S. Census Bureau ; Jiashen You, U.S. Census Bureau
2:50 PM Synthetic Data Satisfying the Requirements of a New Attribute Disclosure Risk Criterion Anna Oganyan, National Center for Health Statistics
3:05 PM Comparing Sensitivity Rules for Protecting Tabular Data Jacob Bournazian, Energy Information Administration
3:20 PM On a Comparison of Singly and Multiply Imputed Partially Synthetic Data Under Plug-In Sampling Martin Klein, U.S. Census Bureau
3:35 PM Generalized Linear Models with Variables Subject to Post-Randomization Method, with Dependent Covariates Yong Ming Jeffrey Woo, University of Virginia ; Aleksandra B. Slavkovic, Penn State

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