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686 * Thu, 8/13/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-308
Bayesian Modeling in the Social Sciences and Education — Contributed Papers
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science , International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) , Section on Statistical Education
Chair(s): Leanna House, Virginia Tech
10:35 AM Spatiotemporal Model Fusion: Multiscale Modeling of Civil Unrest Andrew Hoegh, Virginia Tech ; Marco A.R. Ferreira, Virginia Tech ; Scotland Leman, Virginia Tech
10:50 AM Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Student Outcomes in Cyber-Enabled Science Classrooms Yuanzhi Li ; Daniel Coster, Utah State University
11:05 AM Inference on Self-Exciting Jumps in Prices and Volatility Using High-Frequency Measures Worapree Maneesoonthorn, The University of Melbourne
11:20 AM A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Modeling Multivariate Nonlinear Longitudinal Data: Visual World Paradigm Melissa Pugh, The University of Iowa ; Jacob Oleson, The University of Iowa
11:35 AM Understanding Variability Between Groups of Sequences Using a Bayesian Object-Oriented Data Model Maria Tackett, University of Virginia ; Dan Spitzner, University of Virginia
12:05 PM An Integrated Latent Traits Modeling Approach for Measuring Infectivity and Susceptibility of Multilaterally Interacted Individuals with Application to Fashion Contagion Jiali Ding, NCEPU/PKU

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