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419 Tue, 8/11/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-308
Time Series, Regression, Quantiles, and Interval-Valued Data — Contributed Papers
Business and Economic Statistics Section , Government Statistics Section , International Indian Statistical Association
Chair(s): Laura Tupper, Cornell University
2:05 PM Interval Response Data in Experimental Economics Daniel Walton, Brigham Young University ; James McDonald, Brigham Young University ; Olga Stoddard, Brigham Young University
2:20 PM Time Series Analysis for Symbolic Interval-Valued Data Seyed Yaser Samadi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale ; Lynne Billard, University of Georgia
2:35 PM A Generalized Regression Specification Using the Skewed Generalized T Distribution Carter Davis, Brigham Young University ; Daniel Walton, Brigham Young University ; James McDonald, Brigham Young University
2:50 PM Partially Adaptive Quantile Estimation James McDonald, Brigham Young University ; David J. Mauler, Brigham Young University
3:05 PM On Threshold Quantile Regression with Heteroskedasticity: Stock Return-Volume Relations Cathy W.S. Chen, Feng Chia University ; Mike K.P. So, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ; Thomas C. Chiang, Drexel University
3:20 PM Structural Change Detection for Regression Quantiles Under Time Series Nonstationarity Weichi Wu ; Zhou Zhou, University of Toronto
3:35 PM Discrepancy-Based Parameter Estimation for Balancing Efficiency and Robustness in Fitting State-Space Models Nan Hu, The University of Iowa ; Joseph Cavanaugh, The University of Iowa

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