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416 Tue, 8/11/2015, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-612
Biopharmaceutical Section Student Paper Award Session — Topic Contributed Papers
Biopharmaceutical Section
Organizer(s): Girish Aras, Amgen
Chair(s): Joanne Li, Amgen
2:05 PM A Bayesian Credible Subgroups Approach to Identifying Patient Subgroups with Positive Treatment Effects Patrick M. Schnell, University of Minnesota ; Qi Tang, AbbVie ; Walt Offen, AbbVie ; Bradley P. Carlin, University of Minnesota
2:25 PM Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regimes for Treatment Initiation with Continuous Random Decision Points Yebin Tao, University of Michigan ; Lu Wang, University of Michigan ; Haoda Fu, Eli Lilly and Company
2:45 PM Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomization Trials with EnRichment (SMARTer) Design Ying Liu, Columbia University ; Yuanjia Wang, Columbia University ; Donglin Zeng, The University of North Carolina
3:05 PM Dose-Finding Strategies in Combination Therapy Priyam Mitra, Rutgers University ; Helen Zhou, Bristol-Myers Squibb ; Yun Shen, Bristol-Myers Squibb
3:25 PM Semiparametric Proportional Rates Regression for the Composite Endpoint of Recurrent and Terminal Events Lu Mao ; Danyu Lin, The University of North Carolina
3:45 PM Floor Discussion

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