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410 Tue, 8/5/2014, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-Exhibit Hall B2
Topic-Contributed Poster Presentations: SPA Competition — Topic Contributed Poster Presentations
Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee
Chair(s): Daniel McCaffrey, Educational Testing Service   
1: Multiple Treatment Groups: A Case Study with Health Care Practice and Policy Implications Alexandra Hanlon, University of Pennsylvania ; Karen Hirschman, University of Pennsylvania ; Beth Ann Griffin, RAND Corporation ; Mary Naylor, University of Pennsylvania
2: Bayesian Design and Data Analysis for an Ordinal Staging Score in Patients with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Sijin Wen, West Virginia University ; Jeffrey S. Morris, MD Anderson Cancer Center ; Patrick M. Lynch, MD Anderson Cancer Center
3: Optimal Normality Transformation Methods for the Analysis of Biomarkers Kelly Zou, Pfizer ; Ching-Ray Yu, Pfizer ; Martin O. Carlsson, Pfizer ; Ye Tan, Pfizer
4: A Comparison and Integration of Quantile Regression and Finite Mixture Modeling — Richard Willke, Pfizer ; Ching-Ray Yu, Pfizer ; Birol Emir, Pfizer ; Kelly Zou, Pfizer ; Javier Cabrera, Rutgers University
5: Optimal Designs with Interim Analyzes for Phase II Studies with Long-Term Time-Specific Endpoints Bo Huang, Pfizer ; Neal Thomas, Pfizer
6: Describing High-Order Statistical Dependence Using 'Concurrence Topology,' with Application to Functional MRI Brain Data Steven Ellis, NYSPI at Columbia University ; Arno Klein, Sage Bionetworks
7: Statistical and Computational Methods for Predicting Cancer Prognosis by Integrating Omics Data Lizhen Peng, Stony Brook University ; Xuefeng Wang, Stony Brook University
8: Overall Exposure Effects Estimation for Tobit Regression Models Wei Wang, University of Mississippi Medical Center ; Michael Griswold, University of Mississippi Medical Center
9: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics: The Daily Change in the Dow, Is it Random? John L. Stedl, Chicago State University
10: Spatiotemporal Analysis and Clustering of Wind Speeds Laura Tupper, Cornell University ; David Scott Matteson, Cornell University
11: Single Index Methods for Estimation and Evaluation of Marker-Guided Treatment Rules Based on Multivariate Marker Panels Veronika Skrivankova, University of Washington ; Patrick Heagerty, University of Washington
12: Resilience of Power-Law Degree Distributions of Networks Yafei Wei, University of Pittsburgh ; Satish Iyengar, University of Pittsburgh
13: The Significance of Local Area Ecologic and Individual-Level Risk Factor Interactions in Understanding Social Determinants of Health Kathryn A. Williams, Boston Children's Hospital/University of Ottawa ; David N. Williams, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard School of Medicine ; Ian McDowell, University of Ottawa

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