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288 Tue, 8/5/2014, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-255
Speed Session #4: Topics in Epidemiology and Survey Research Methods, Part 1 — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology , Survey Research Methods Section , Government Statistics Section
Chair(s): Owen Devine, CDC   
The Poster portion will take place during Session 210564
8:35 AM Monte Carlo Simulation to Examine the Uncertainty in Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Estimates Derived from Postcensal Population Estimates Lin Tian, CDC ; Owen Devine, CDC
8:40 AM Modeling Population Psychometric Characteristics of a Speech-in-Noise Task: Using a Large Cross-Sectional Study to Explore Associations Between Cognition and Listening Mark Edmondson-Jones, NIHR
8:45 AM Using Contact Networks and Mortality Patterns to Estimate Epidemiological Process Parameters Kezia Manlove, Penn State
8:50 AM Sampling Strategies Based on Existing Information in Nested Case Control Study Yi Luo, University of Southern California
8:55 AM Follow-Up Survey Response Rates in Women at Risk for Breast Cancer Jeannette Lee, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Ishwori Dhakal, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Susan Kadlubar, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
9:00 AM Clustering of Dietary Patterns in Pregnant Women and Children Living in the Seychelles Tanzy Love, University of Rochester ; Maria S. Mulhern, University of Ulster ; Alison Yeates, University of Ulster ; Sean Strain, University of Ulster ; Emeir McSorley, University of Ulster ; Conrad Shamlaye, Republic of Seychelles ; Juliette Henderson, Republic of Seychelles ; Sally Thurston, University of Rochester ; Gene E. Watson, University of Rochester ; Philip W. Davidson, University of Rochester ; Edwin van Wijngaarden, University of Rochester ; Gary Myers, University of Rochester
9:05 AM Using Bayesian Statistical Inference to Improve the Measurement of Adequacy of Mental Health Care Utilization in a Nationally Representative Sample Chih-Nan Chen, National Taipei University ; Benjamin Cook, Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research ; Margarita Alegria, Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research
9:15 AM Releasing Synthetic Microdata for Magnitude Tabular Data Lan Wei, Duke University ; Jerome P. Reiter, Duke University
9:20 AM Comparison of Estimates for Lifetime Depression Using the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Kimberly Ault, RTI International ; Greta Kilmer, RTI International
9:25 AM Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Radiology Precision and Pre-Emptive Patient Care — Nasser Fard, Northeastern University ; Jean Hosseini, Intelek ; Scott Cameron, Medical Clinic
9:30 AM Automated Survey Coding for German Occupations Malte Schierholz
9:35 AM Weight Smoothing Using Laplace Priors Michael Elliott, University of Michigan ; Xi Xia, University of Michigan
9:40 AM Implementation and Results of an Experiment Using Mahalanobis Distance in Responsive Design to Reduce Nonresponse Bias Jennifer Cooney, RTI International ; Peter Siegel, RTI International ; Melissa Cominole, RTI International ; Bryan Shepherd, RTI International
9:45 AM Understanding Egypt's Telephone Using Population Using RDD and Face-to-Face Surveys Timothy Van Blarcom, D3 Systems ; David Rae, D3 Systems ; David Peng, D3 Systems
9:50 AM Modeling Clustering Design Effects When Cluster Sizes Vary James Chromy, RTI International
9:55 AM Computer-Based Training for NCES Complex Survey Micro-Data Sets: 2014 Update Andrew White, NCES/IES
10:00 AM Opening the Doors to U.S. Department of Education Data: Program, Grant, and Statistical Data Marilyn M. Seastrom, NCES/U.S. Department of Education
10:05 AM Protecting Survey Design Information in Public Use Files by Constructing Combined Strata Accounting for the Realized Sample Selection Vladislav Beresovsky, NCHS
10:10 AM Project Talent: Weighting Adjustments Comparison for Nonresponse and Tracking Loss in a Follow-Up Survey 50 Years Later Danielle Battle, American Institutes for Research
10:15 AM Floor Discussion

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