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Session/Paper Options
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At 11:59 p.m. Eastern; 10:59 p.m. Central; 9:59 p.m. Mountain; and 8:59 p.m. Pacific

We are no longer accepting abstract submissions.

If you would like to participate in the JSM 2013 program as a session chair, please contact a member of the program committee.

Session/Paper Options

Presentations may be given on any topic of statistical interest. The intent is to broaden the scope of the meetings by covering new developments.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers on the theme set by 2013 ASA President Marie Davidian, "Celebrating the International Year of Statistics." Sessions on this subject will be designated in the program as themed sessions.

Additionally, abstracts with a primary focus on statistical applications are greatly encouraged and will be designated in the program as applied sessions.

Presenters may elect to use one of the following formats:

a) Topic-contributed paper
b) Topic-contributed panel
c) Topic-contributed poster
d) Contributed paper
e) Contributed poster
f) A.M. roundtable discussion
g) P.M. roundtable discussion

Please see the descriptions that follow on each of these submission types.

TOPIC-CONTRIBUTED PAPER - Five 20-minute presentations arranged in advance by an organizer. Alternatively, there may be four paper presentations with a discussant. The organizer's name must accompany the abstract for each presentation.

Topic-contributed paper sessions must be pre-approved by a member of the 2013 JSM Program Committee. For more information, see the topic-contributed web page.

TOPIC-CONTRIBUTED PANEL - Three to five panelists provide commentary on a topic arranged in advance by an organizer. Panel presentations require just one abstract, submitted by the organizer. All panelists will be listed as presenting authors. The panelist submitting the abstract must register for JSM prior to abstract submission.

Topic-contributed panel sessions must be pre-approved by a member of the 2013 JSM program Committee. For more information, see the topic-contributed web page.

CONTRIBUTED PAPER - Oral presentations of 15 minutes each in a session with five to seven generally related papers. Anyone can submit a contributed paper abstract for JSM. Simply choose the best "sponsor" related to your topic and the 2013 JSM Program Committee will place your paper in a session.

New! SPEED SESSIONS - Five large ASA sections (Biometrics, Statistics in Epidemiology, Statistical Learning and Data Mining, Biopharmaceutical Statistics, and Survey Research Methods Section) will collaborate on this pilot venture. A SPEED session will consist of 20 oral presentations of approximately five minutes, with a 10-minute break after the first set of 10 talks. These short oral presentations will be followed by a poster session later on the same day. The following incentives will be offered to the presenters who agree to participate in the pilot SPEED sessions:

-Electronic poster boards will be provided to SPEED presenters, so there will be no additional costs or hassle associated with printing or transporting your poster
-A certificate of appreciation and a special badge will be given to SPEED presenters

When you submit your contributed paper abstract to any of the above five ASA sections, you will see an option asking whether you are willing to participate in a SPEED session. Choose one of the five ASA sections (Biometrics, Statistics in Epidemiology, Statistical Learning and Data Mining, Biopharmaceutical Statistics, and Survey Research Methods Section) and "SPEED" from the list of track options . In this session type, you will have approximately five minutes of oral presentation time and continue the conversation during the electronic poster session the same day.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS - Poster sessions provide an opportunity for selected papers with extensive graphic or tabular material to be presented in greater visual detail. Presenters receive direct and immediate feedback.

Each author is provided a 4-foot high x 8-foot wide (122 cm x 244 cm) bulletin board on which to display a summary of their paper. Authors must remain in the vicinity of the bulletin board for the duration of the session (110 minutes) to answer questions. Note that poster presenters are not supplied with audiovisual equipment or electricity, and posters will be grouped according to the topic selected.

Topic-contributed poster sessions contain three to six posters on a given topic (defined by an application, methodological, or theoretical theme) arranged in advance by an organizer. The posters should have the same degree of intellectual cohesion as topic-contributed papers.

This format provides a forum for several colleagues to present different perspectives of a given statistical controversy or a side-by-side analysis of an especially challenging data set. Poster presentations within a given topic cluster will be presented at the same time.

When submitting an abstract for a topic-contributed poster presentation, you will be asked for the organizer's name and you must select a sponsoring section/society.

Contributed poster sessions will be grouped by sponsor.

Resources for Poster Creation


Roundtable discussions are fee events. Each has a designated topic and discussion leader. The topic can be related to a JSM session or other interesting subject, and the leader should be a knowledgeable and engaging person who can help stimulate a lively discussion.

As a fee event, roundtable discussions are advertised in the registration materials. Registrants partake in the discussion and receive a continental breakfast (for A.M. discussions) or a hot entrée lunch (for P.M. discussions). A roundtable is limited to 10 people, including the discussion leader.

Roundtable discussions are thematically arranged in the program over the course of JSM and scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 7:00 a.m.-8:15 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.-1:50 p.m. The ticket price includes the price of the food and beverage provided to participants. The discussion leader's ticket is paid for by the sponsoring section or society.

Roundtable discussions will be organized by members of the JSM 2014 Program Committee. If you are interested in presenting a roundtable discussion, click here for contact information.

Once you're approved by a section or society as a roundtable presenter, submit your abstract by February 4, 2013 (11:59 p.m. Eastern or 8:59 p.m. Pacific). Select "Roundtables" as the session type and, depending on what you will present, select either "AM Roundtable Discussion," "PM Roundtable Discussion," or "Speaker Luncheon" as the subtype. The abstract should be a short (1,200-character) description of the discussion.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  1. Incomplete or incorrectly formatted abstracts will not be accepted.
  2. The official language for all abstracts, papers, and oral presentations is English.
  3. The abstract should state concisely the methods and results of the paper.
  4. Abstracts are limited to 1,200 characters (about 200 words), not including title, author, and keywords. A character is defined as any keystroke, including spaces and punctuation. Abstracts exceeding this count will be truncated. Please submit your abstract free of typographical errors or misspellings.
  5. Panelists - The organizer of the session needs to submit the abstract and add all the names of all panelists. A panel abstract is one abstract with multiple speakers attached. There will be one abstract number for each panel session.
  6. Paper Transfers - The program committee will strive to produce a cohesive program. To this end, we ask you to consider allowing the program committee to transfer your paper from one section to another to produce a better fit or to a poster session if your paper does not fit well with other papers to form a session.
  7. Accessibility for those with disabilities - If you are a presenting author with mobility impairment and need wheelchair ramp access to session stages, please check the box on the abstract form. If you have any other disability for which you require assistance, please check the box on the registration form regarding disability and attach a statement regarding your needs. Someone from the ASA Meetings Department will contact you prior to JSM to discuss your needs. Availability of appropriate accommodations cannot be ensured without prior notification.
  8. Valid Email Address - Communication between the ASA and presenting authors will be done via email ONLY. All those submitting abstracts must have a working email address to receive frequent participant updates.
  9. Audiovisual Guidelines - Each technical session room will be equipped with a complimentary PC-compatible laptop, LCD projector, screen, and lectern with microphone. Additional equipment must be ordered and paid for by the presenter. Please note that overhead projectors, Internet access, and laser pointers will not be provided.

    Speakers may upload presentations in advance of JSM. To ensure the program runs smoothly, all speakers are required to check in at the Speaker Management Room 4 hours prior to presenting. Presentations will then be available on the session room laptops.

After Your Abstract Submission

Revisions - You will be able to revise your abstract text, title, and keywords or add coauthors after the initial submission from December 3, 2012, through February 4, 2013, and April 1, 2013, through April 18, 2013.

Notification of abstract acceptance and program scheduling - The presenting author listed on each abstract will be notified via email by April 1, 2013, of the following:

For members of the JSM 2013 Program Committee to have the flexibility they need when scheduling sessions, we ask that you do not make any travel arrangements until after April 18, 2013.

Draft Manuscript Deadline - All presenters must send proof of a paper in progress to the appropriate JSM session chair by May 9, 2013. Proof of a paper in progress can be a draft manuscript, detailed outline, PowerPoint slides, etc. If you do not send the required proof in a timely manner, your paper will be deleted from the program and be ineligible for publication in the JSM Proceedings. This requirement applies to all types of contributed papers (including poster presentations) and to invited sessions with discussants.


Please contact the JSM Registration Office at or 888-231-3473. Assistance is gladly given, but registrations and abstract submissions are not accepted by telephone or email.

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