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Sunday, 07/29/2012
Introduction to Regulatory Statistics: Principles for Drug Approval at FDA
Peter (Tony) Lachenbruch, Oregon State University
2:05 PM

Estimation and Testing for Spatially Distributed Curves
Piotr Stefan Kokoszka, Colorado State University; Sasha Gromenko, Utah State University
2:05 PM

Models and Modeling in Introductory Statistics Classes
Daniel Kaplan, Macalester College; Cliff Konold, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Robin Lock, St. Lawrence University; Andrew Zieffler, University of Minnesota
2:05 PM

Lung Cancer Risk Prediction with Stochastic Covariates
Denise M Danos, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Neal Simonsen, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Elizabeth Fontham, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Evrim Oral, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
2:35 PM

Inference of Network Summary Statistics Through Network Denoising
Prakash Balachandran, Boston University; Edoardo M Airoldi, Harvard University; Eric D Kolaczyk, Boston University
2:35 PM

A Mixture Truncated Pareto Distribution
Mei Ling Huang, Brock University; Vincenzo Coia, Brock University; Percy Brill, University of Windsor
2:35 PM

Identifying Gender-Specific Factors Related to Stem Retention ar a Large State Univiersity
Ulrike Genschel, Iowa State University; John Riddles, Iowa State University; Ian Mouzon, Iowa State University; Alicia L. Carriquiry, Iowa State University; Monica Degnan, Iowa State University; Elgin Johnston, Iowa State University; Kenneth Koehler, Iowa State University; Wolfgang Kliemann, Iowa State University; Hien Nguyen, Iowa State University
2:35 PM

Empirical Likelihood-Based Bayesian Methodology for Complex Survey Data Sets
Sanjay Chaudhuri, National University of Singapore
3:05 PM

Statistics and Uncertainty Quantification for Physics-Based Models
Don Estep, Colorado State University
4:05 PM

Measuring Changes in the Distribution of Incident-Outcome Severities and the Method's Implications for Health Care Policy
William Goodman, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Kim Sears, Queen's University
4:05 PM

Jackknife Empirical Likelihood for the Accelerated Failure Time Model with Censored Data
Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University; Maxime Bouadoumou, GSU
4:05 PM

Causal Inference in Statistics: A Gentle Introduction
Judea Pearl, University of California at Los Angeles
4:05 PM

Disclosure Avoidance at the National Center for Health Statistics
Joe Fred Gonzalez, National Center for Health Statistics; Eve Powell-Griner, National Center for Health Statistics
4:25 PM

A Bayesian Adaptive Design for Device Surveillance
Theodore Lystig, Medtronic; Thomas A Murray, University of Minnesota; Bradley P Carlin, University of Minnesota
4:45 PM

Analysis of the Mobile Phone Survey of the Haitian Population
Ryung Kim, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
4:45 PM

A Bayesian Approach to Establishing a Reference Particle Size Distribution in the Presence of Outliers
Garritt Page, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Stephen Vardeman, Iowa State University
5:05 PM

Spatial Measurement Error in Two-Stage Regression, with Application to Air Pollution Epidemiology
Christopher J Paciorek, University of California at Berkeley; Adam A Szpiro, University of Washington
5:20 PM

Do Normal Probability Plots Tell the 'Truth' When Sample Sizes Are Small?
Ananda Jayawardhana, Pittsburg State University
5:20 PM

Monday, 07/30/2012
Taking the Next Steps in Sports Statistics
Benjamin Alamar, Menlo College

Pearsonian Estimation and Inference for a Model-Based Measure of Agreement
Jie Gao, University of South Carolina; Donald George Edwards, University of South Carolina; Andrew Wood, University of Nottingham; Jayaram Sethuraman, Florida State University

Statistics in the News
Jean-Francois Plante, HEC Montreal, MQG; Nancy Reid, University of Toronto

'Big Data' in the Introductory Applied Statistics Course?
John D. McKenzie, Babson College

Teaching Statistics Within a Developing Country
Mark Griffin, Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems

A Fallacy in Student Attitude Research: The Impact of the First Class
Michael Posner, Villanova University

Current and Future Health Care Professionals' Attitudes Toward and Knowledge of Statistics: How Confidence Influences Learning
Heibatollah Baghi, George Mason University; Melanie L. Kornides, Harvard School of Public Health

Using Low-Tech Chat to Foster High-Quality Interactions in an Online Statistics Course
Naomi Schmidt, New Mexico State University

Is Computer-Graded Homework an Effective Tool in Introductory Statistics
Lynn Eudey, California State University East Bay; Julia Norton, California State University East Bay

Bivariate Marker Measurements and ROC Analysis
Shanshan Li, The Johns Hopkins University; Mei-Cheng Wang, The Johns Hopkins University

Student Self-Evaluation of Learning with Other Assessment Tools, Part II
Julia Norton, California State University East Bay; Zach Espe Dietz, Consultant; John D Lovell, California State University East Bay; John Alva Norton, California State University East Bay

Developing a Second Course in Statistics for Students in the Social Sciences
Sharon J Lane-Getaz, St. Olaf College

Testing the Effectiveness of Personal Glossaries for Building Vocabulary and Conceptual Understanding in Introductory Statistics
Amy Froelich, Iowa State University; Wilmina Siegfried, Iowa State University

A Lagrange Interpolation for Spatial Process
Cheng Liu, Purdue University; Hao Zhang, Purdue University

A Modification of OPS: Widely Used to Measure a Baseball Batter's Performance
Chulmin Kim, Rochester Institute of Technology

Nonspecialist Graduate Students' Experience of Statistics Courses: From Students' Voices
Monica Dabos, University of California at Santa Barbara

Development and Validation of an Instrument to Assess College Students' Inferential Reasoning in Statistics
Jiyoon Park, University of Minnesota; Bob del Mas, University of Minnesota

Nonstationary Modeling Through Dimension Expansion
Luke Bornn, University of British Columbia; Gavin Shaddick, University of Bath; Jim Zidek, University of British Columbia

Bayesian System Network Modeling of Multiple Sparse Replicates
James Lawrence Norris, Wake Forest University; David John, Wake Forest University; Kristopher Patton, Wake Forest University

High School Changing Curriculum's Impact on Collegiate Introductory Statistics Courses
Roxy Peck, California Polytechnic State University; Christine Franklin, University of Georgia; Katherine Halvorsen, Smith College; Michael Shaughnessy, Portland State University
8:35 AM

Teaching and Learning Confounding in the Health Sciences
Felicity Enders, Mayo Clinic; Miranda Kroehl, University of Colorado at Denver; Rickey Carter, Mayo Clinic; John McGready, The Johns Hopkins University
8:35 AM

The Multivariate Bernoulli Distribution
Reza Modarres, The George Washington University
8:35 AM

Adjusting for Nonresponse in the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey
Nicholas Horton, Smith College; Daniell Toth, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Polly Phipps, Bureau of Labor Statistics
8:35 AM

Energy Consumption Surveys: Re-Energizing for an Energy- and Data-Dependent Society
Eileen O'Brien, U.S. Energy Information Administration; Jack G. Gambino, Statistics Canada; Michael L. Cohen, National Academy of Sciences; Nancy Kirkendall, Committee on National Statistics; Thomas Leckey, U.S. Energy Information Administration; William F. Eddy, Carnegie Mellon University
8:35 AM

Investigating Student Understanding of Histograms: Pre-Test Results
Phyllis Curtiss, Grand Valley State University; John G Gabrosek, Grand Valley State University; Jennifer Kaplan, University of Georgia; John G Gabrosek, Grand Valley State University
8:35 AM

Bayesian Coalescent-Based Inference of Population Dynamics from Multiple Loci
Mandev Gill, University of California at Los Angeles; Beth Shapiro, Penn State University; Philippe Lemey, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Andrew Rambaut, University of Edinburgh; Marc A Suchard, University of California at Los Angeles
8:35 AM

Space-Time Dynamical Modeling of Aerosol Transport
Catherine Calder, The Ohio State University; Candace Berrett, Brigham Young University; Tao Shi, The Ohio State University
8:55 AM

Statistics, Ethics, and Medicare Fraud
George W. Cobb, Mount Holyoke College
9:05 AM

Berry-Esseen Bounds for General Nonlinear Statistics, with Applications to Pearson's and Non-Central Student's and Hotelling's
Iosif Pinelis; Raymond Molzon, Michigan Technological University
9:05 AM

Spatial-Temporal Modeling of the Critical Windows of Air Pollution Exposure for Preterm Birth
Joshua Warren, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Montserrat Fuentes, North Carolina State University; Amy Herring, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Peter Langlois, Texas Department of State Health Services
9:05 AM

A First Look at Retention Following Changes to a Two-Semester Business Statistics Curriculum
Amy Phelps, Duquesne University
9:05 AM

Drawing Inference About Multi-Serotype Infectious Diseases: A State-Space Model to Estimate the Duration of Cross-Protection Between Serotypes of Dengue Virus
Nicholas G Reich, University of Massachusetts
9:05 AM

Bayesian Mixture Modeling and Model Misspecification for Astrophysical Populations
Irina Udaltsova, University of California at Davis; Paul Baines, University of California at Davis
9:20 AM

Exploring Student Attitudes Toward Statistics at the University of Tennessee
Adam Petrie
9:20 AM

Gaussian Process Modeling of Derivative Curves
Tracy Holsclaw, University of California at Irvine
9:35 AM

Spatial Functional Regression for Misaligned Data
Catherine Tuglus, University of Southern California; Meredith Franklin, University of Southern California
9:35 AM

Bloom's Taxonomy and the Teaching of Introductory Statistics Classes
Ilhan Izmirli, George Mason University; Susan C. Surina, George Mason University
9:50 AM

Inference for System Lifetime Data with Signatures Available
Hon Keung Tony Ng, Southern Methodist University; N. Balakrishnan, McMaster University; Jorge Navarro, Universidad de Murcia
9:50 AM

Memories of Peter Lewis
Donald Gaver, Naval Postgraduate School
9:55 AM

Multiple Intelligences and Learning Statistics
W. Robert Stephenson, Iowa State University
10:05 AM

Connections Between Fisher Information in Censored Samples from Folded and Unfolded Distributions
Lira Pi, The Ohio State University; Haikady Nagaraja, The Ohio State University
10:05 AM

A Showcase of Statistical Activities at Federal Statistical Agencies
Emily J Berg, National Agricultural Statistics Service; Jeri Mulrow, National Science Foundation; Mark Harris, National Agricultural Statistics Service; Matthew Graham, U.S. Census Bureau; Robin Pentola, National Science Foundation; Yanna Antypas, U.S. Energy Information Administration
10:35 AM

Statistics and Personalized Medicine
Wing Hung Wong, Stanford University
10:35 AM

Regional Climate: Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments?
Douglas William Nychka, National Center for Atmospheric Research
10:35 AM

Monitoring the Effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Using NCHS Ambulatory and Hospital Care Statistics
Clarice Brown, CDC
10:35 AM

Multivariate Nonparametric Control Charts and Change-Point Detection
Shojaeddin Chenouri, University of Waterloo
10:35 AM

A Group Control Chart for County Statistics in Michigan
Paul Stephenson, Grand Valley State University
10:50 AM

Missing Value Imputation for Predictive Models on Large and Distributed Data Sources
Jing Shyr, IBM; Sier Han, IBM; Jane Chu, IBM
10:50 AM

How Economic and Social Statistics Became the Stepchildren of the Profession
Othmar W. Winkler, Georgetown University
10:55 AM

Limited-Information Statistics When the Number of Variables Is Large
Mark Reiser, Arizona State University
11:05 AM

Exploring Missing Data Substitions for Binomial Response Student Test Data
Christopher Gonwa-Reeves
11:05 AM

Using the National Health Interview Survey to Monitor the Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act
Jane F. Gentleman, National Center for Health Statistics
11:15 AM

Combining P-Values from Linear and Quadratic Tests for Rare Variants Provides Robust Statistics Across Genetic Models
Lei Sun, University of Toronto; Andriy Derkach, University of Toronto; Jerald F. Lawless, University of Waterloo
11:20 AM

Decision Analysis and Bayesian Statistics for Medical Device Studies
Laura Thompson, FDA/CDRH
11:35 AM

The Nonparanormal Skeptic
Han Liu, The Johns Hopkins University
11:35 AM

Getting the Gist of Health Risks
Tanner Caverly, University of Colorado Denver; Daniel D. Matlock, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine; Allan Prochazka, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine; Ingrid Binswanger, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine; Jean Kutner, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
11:35 AM

Monitoring Health Care Access and Utilization Following Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Using the National Health Interview Survey
Renee M Gindi, National Center for Health Statistics; Robin A Cohen, National Center for Health Statistics; Whitney K Kirzinger, National Center for Health Statistics
11:35 AM

Lost: Assessing Student Survival Skills in the Statistical Wilderness Using Real Data
Marc Isaacson, Augsburg College
11:55 AM

A Nonparametric Approach for Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
David Scott Matteson, Cornell University; Nicholas A James, Cornell University
11:55 AM

Computation of Order Statistics for Very Large and Distributed Data
Damir Spisic, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics; Graham J. Wills, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics; Fan Li, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics
12:05 PM

Spatial Econometrics in an Age of CyberGIScience
Luc Anselin, Arizona State University; Sergio Rey, Arizona State University
2:05 PM

Inference from Multilevel Versus Single-Level Methods with Complex Survey Data: An Example Using the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Emily Olsen, CDC; Shannon L. Michael, CDC; Sherry Everett Jones, CDC
2:05 PM

Robust Event Detection for Massive Time-Series Surveys
Alexander Blocker, Harvard University
2:05 PM

40 Years and Counting: CNSTAT's Role in Government and Social Statistics
Constance F Citro, Committee on National Statistics; Robert Bell, AT&T; Alan Zaslavsky, Harvard Medical School; Hermann Habermann, National Academy of Sciences (retired/consultant); Katherine Wallman, Office of Management and Budget
2:05 PM

Model Choice for Spatial Prediction of Multiple Air Pollution Exposures
Adam A Szpiro, University of Washington; Christopher J Paciorek, University of California at Berkeley
2:05 PM

Estimating Sparse Precision Matrices from Data with Missing Values
Mladen Kolar, Carnegie Mellon University; Eric P. Xing, Carnegie Mellon University
2:20 PM

Joint Spectral-Temporal Analysis of High-Energy Astronomical Sources
Thomas Lee, University of California at Davis; Vinay Kashyap, Harvard University; David A. van Dyk, Imperial College London; Raymond K. W. Wong, University of California at Davis
2:25 PM

Statistics in the Arts
Christopher Raphael, Indiana University
2:25 PM

Tom Ten Have's Contributions to Mental Health Statistics
Eva Petkova, NYU School of Medicine
2:30 PM

Genomics, High-Dimension Optimization, and GPUs
Kenneth Lange, University of California at Los Angeles
2:50 PM

A New Approach to Evaluate the Drug Effect on the QTc Interval in Thorough QT/QTc Study
Shui He
2:50 PM

Semi-parametric Small Area Estimation Based Prediction Methods to Track Poverty: Validation and Applications
Roy van der Weide, The World Bank; Chris Elbers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2:55 PM

Visualization of Space-Time Dynamics in Criminal Activity
Sergio Rey, Arizona State University; Xun Li, GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation School of Geographical Sciences and U; Luc Anselin, Arizona State University
3:20 PM

Weighted Composite Likelihood Approach to the Analysis of Spatial Data
Tatiyana Apanasovich, Thomas Jefferson University; Yongtao Guan , University of Miami School of Business
3:20 PM

Bayesian Estimation of LogN-LogS with Nonignorable Missing Data
Paul Baines, University of California at Davis; Irina Udaltsova, University of California at Davis
3:25 PM

Inferring Ad Influence Under Segmentation Bias
Jaimyoung Kwon, AOL Advertising; Ram Akella, University of California at Santa Cruz; Joel Barajas, University of California at Santa Cruz; Aaron Flores, AOL Advertising; Victor Andrei, AOL Advertising; Marius Holtan, AOL Advertising
3:35 PM

A Framework for the Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Diagnostic Outcome Data and Latent Infection Status
Geoffrey Jones, Massey University; Wesley Johnson, University of California at Irvine; Daan Vink, Massey University; Nigel French, Massey University
3:35 PM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
Choosing Between a Career in Clinical and Industrial Statistics
Todd Coffey

Minding the Gap
Barbara Hanusa, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Statistics Education for Graduate Nursing Students
Matt Hayat, Rutgers University

Assessing the Impact of a New Science Curriculum on Under- And Over- Achieving Students
Luke Fostvedt

Gerontologic Biostatistics: Merging Aging Research and Analytic Methods
Heather Allore, Yale University; Alden Gross, Institute for Aging Research

Growing te Field of Statistics Education Research
Jennifer Kaplan, University of Georgia

Improving the Decisionmaking Process in Lead Compound Identification Using Bayesian Statistics
Jo Wick, University of Kansas Medical Center

Bayesian Statistics for Undergraduate Students
Jessica Chapman, St. Lawrence University

Dynamic Graphics for Exploring and Understanding Multiple Regression Diagnostics
Mervyn Marasinghe, Iowa State University; Yihui Xie, Iowa State University

Using Screencasting to Enhance Student Learning of Statistics
Brenda Gunderson, University of Michigan

A Universal Statistics Server, with Biopharmaceutical and Energy Applications
Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO Software Inc.; Lou Bajuk, TIBCO Software Inc.

Revisiting the Survey Form: The Effects of Redesigning the Current Employment Statistics Survey's Iconic One-Page Form with a Booklet-Style Form
Louis Harrell, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Edward Park, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Catch 'Em While They're Young: Statistics as a First-Year Seminar
Michele DiPietro, Kennesaw State University; Johanna S Hardin, Pomona College; Russell V Lenth, University of Iowa; Brenda Gunderson, University of Michigan
8:35 AM

The Role of Academic Committees and Collective Decisionmaking in Improving the Teaching and Place of Statistics in Business Schools
Bodapati Gandhi, University of Puerto Rico Business School
8:35 AM

Estimating Causal Effects of Air Quality Regulations Using Principal Stratification for Spatially Correlated Multivariate Intermediate Outcomes
Corwin Zigler
8:35 AM

Nonparametric Inference in Small Data Sets of Spatially Indexed Curves with Application to Ionospheric Trend Determination
Sasha Gromenko, Utah State University; Piotr Stefan Kokoszka, Colorado State University
8:35 AM

Teaching Clinical Applications of the Bayes' Theorem in a QBIC Statistics Course
Ramon Gomez, Florida International University
8:50 AM

Teaching a CATALST Course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers
Erin Blankenship, University of Nebraska; Jennifer L Green, University of Nebraska
8:50 AM

Statistical Engineering at the Boeing Company
Gurbachan Chadha
8:55 AM

A Powerful and Robust Test Statistic for Randomization Inference in Group-Randomized Trials with Matched Pairs of Groups
Kai Zhang, University of Pennsylvania; Mikhail Traskin, Amazon.com; Dylan Small, The Wharton School
9:15 AM

Restructuring an Elementary Statistics Course for the General Education Audience
Yvonne Zubovic, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne; Chand Chauhan, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
9:20 AM

Unifying Presence-Only Analysis Methods in Ecology
David Iain Warton, University of New South Wales; Ian Walton Renner, University of New South Wales
9:25 AM

Selecting Topics for an Introductory Biostatistics Course
T. Ceesay, Merck
9:35 AM

Our Findings from Using Randomization-Based-Methods Curricula
Soma Roy, California Polytechnic State University; Beth Chance, California Polytechnic State University; Karen McGaughey, California Polytechnic State University; Allan Rossman, California Polytechnic State University
9:35 AM

Bivariate Spatio-Temporal Modeling for the Hydrological Cycle of the Central United States
Jonathan Hobbs, Iowa State University
9:50 AM

Gimme All Your Data: Keeping Collaborations with Nonstatisticians from Becoming a Stick-Up - A Public Health Perspective
Alicia Chancellor Hansen, Statistical Consultant
10:05 AM

Engaging Students in Large Section Statistics Classes
Lawrence Fulton; Lana Ivanitskaya, Central Michigan University; Dmitry Erefeev, Central Michigan University
10:05 AM

Making the Transition to Online Teaching
Kay Endriss, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools; Camille Fairbourn, Utah State University; Herle McGowan, North Carolina State University; Jamie Mills, The University of Alabama; Jamis Perrett, Texas A&M University
10:35 AM

Sparse and Low-Rank Models in Statistics: Theory and Applications
Emmanuel Jean Candes, Stanford University
10:35 AM

Inverse Structural Inference in Statistics
Jan Hannig, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10:35 AM

A Time-to-Event Generalized Continual Reassessment Method for Two-Agent Phase I Trials
Nan Jia, University of Michigan; Thomas M Braun, University of Michigan
10:35 AM

High-Dimensional Longitudinal Functional Principal Component Analysis for RAVENS Images
Seonjoo Lee, Henry Jackson Foundation; Brian Scott Caffo, The Johns Hopkins University; Ciprian Crainiceanu, The Johns Hopkins University; Vadim Zipunnikov, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Dzung L Pham, The Henry M. Jackson Foundation
11:20 AM

Variable Selection in Meta-Analysis of High-Dimensional Genetic Data
Danyu Lin, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
11:35 AM

Do Smashes Win Matches?
Sarah Budrus; Dianne H Cook, Iowa State University
11:50 AM

How Do You Know When You Are Ready to Fly Solo?
Kerry B. Hafner, PRA International; Janet Myhre, Mathematical Analysis Research Corporation; Murray Clayton, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Matthew S. Mayo, University of Kansas Medical Center
2:05 PM

Spatio-Temporal Models for Some Data Sets in Continuous Space and Discrete Time
Samuel Demel, Kansas State University; Juan Du, Kansas State University
2:05 PM

Experiences with a New Textbook Emphasizing Randomization/Simulation: Results from Early Implementation
Nathan Tintle, Dordt College
2:05 PM

Building a Future in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Choosing the Right Career Track and Landing Your First Job
Katrina Canonizado, Celerion; Aleksandra Stein, University of Nebraska
2:05 PM

A Phase I Bayesian Adaptive Design to Simultaneously Optimize Dose and Schedule Among and Within Patients
Jin Zhang, University of Michigan; Thomas M Braun, University of Michigan
2:20 PM

Weighted Portmanteau Statistics
Colin Gallagher, Clemson University; Thomas Fisher, University of Missouri-Kansas City
2:20 PM

Introducing Inference with Simulation Methods: Implementation at Duke University
Kari Lock Morgan, Duke University
2:25 PM

Directional Coincidence Assessment in Astronomy with Bayesian Multilevel Models
Thomas J. Loredo, Cornell University; David F. Chernoff, Cornell University; David Ruppert, Cornell University; Kunlaya Soiaporn, Cornell University; Ira Wasserman, Cornell University
2:30 PM

The Spatial Lasso with Applications to Unmixing Hyperspectral Images
Daniel Samarov, NIST; Matthew Clarke, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Ji Yoon Lee, National Institute of Standards and Technology; David Allen, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Maritoni Litorja, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Jeeseong Hwang, National Institute of Standards and Technology
2:35 PM

Using the Stratification Score to Adjust U-Statistics to Account for Confounding Covariates
Glen Satten, CDC; Somnath Datta, University of Louisville; Andrew Allen, Duke University
2:35 PM

Using StatCrunch to Teach Statistics Using Resampling Techniques
Webster West, Texas A&M University
2:45 PM

The Value of an Advanced Degree in Statistics as a Clinical Statistical Programmer
Mark Matthews, PharmaNet/i3
2:45 PM

Estimation for Detailed Publication Levels in the Current Employment Statistics Survey
Julie Gershunskaya, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2:50 PM

K Sample Cramer-Von Mises Tests for Grouped Data
Zheng Sun, Simon Fraser University; Richard Lockhart, Simon Fraser University; Michael Stephens, Simon Fraser University
2:50 PM

The Use of Bidimensional Regression and Multidimensional Scaling for Exploring Spatial Structure of Transportation Networks and Other Two-Dimensional Surfaces
Tamas Dusek, Szechenyi Istvan University
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
Multivariate Process Monitoring for Nonmanufacturing Applications
James Christian, SAS Institute

Wanted: Statistics Classroom Examples
Amy Nowacki, Cleveland Clinic

Using Social Media to Engage and Motivate the Modern Statistics Student
Michelle Gaddy Everson, University of Minnesota

Implementing Group Projects in College Statistics Courses
Stacey Hancock, Clark University

Hybrid Courses: The Best of Face-to-Face and Online Learning
Herle McGowan, North Carolina State University

Modeling Highly Complex Models of Disease Risk
Bethany Vohlers, North Carolina State University; Erika Alpeter, North Carolina State University

Publishing Your Statistics Education Research
John G Gabrosek, Grand Valley State University; Rob Gould, University of California at Los Angeles; Bob del Mas, University of Minnesota; Roger Johnson, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
8:35 AM

Stolen Items, Copied Answers, and Fraudulent Erasures: How to Use Statistics to Detect Them
Wim J. Van Der Linden, CTB/McGraw-Hill
8:35 AM

Statistics and Climate
Peter Guttorp, University of Washington
8:35 AM

Detecting Global Clustering Patterns and Outliers on Spatially Correlated Data for Disease Surveillance
Monica Jackson, American University
8:35 AM

L-Statistics for Repeated Measurements Data with Application to Estimation of Trimmed Means and Quantiles and Construction of Tolerance Intervals
Houssein Assaad; Pankaj Choudhary, The University of Texas at Dallas
8:50 AM

Gene-Environment Interactions via Algebraic Statistics, Markov Bases, and MCMC
Marepalli Rao, University of Cincinnati; Subramanian Venkatesan, University of Cincinnati; Jenny Chen, University of Cincinnati
8:50 AM

Conditional Sure Independence Screening
Emre Barut, Princeton University; Jianqing Fan, Princeton University; Anneleen Verhasselt, University of Antwerp
8:50 AM

Use of Bayesian Adaptive Design in Medical Device Trials
Weihua Cao, FDA; Nelson Lu, FDA; Rajesh Nair, FDA
8:55 AM

The Role of Statistics in Uncovering Administrative Cheating on Tests: Use of Computer-Based Testing Data
Neal Kingston, University of Kansas; Gail Tiemann, University of Kansas
9:15 AM

Statistics and Audit Sampling
Mary Batcher, Ernst & Young; Fritz Scheuren, NORC
9:20 AM

Modeling Genetic Variations Using Fragmentation-Coagulation Processes
Yee Whye Teh, University College London; Charles Blundell, University College London
9:25 AM

Student's T Confidence Intervals Adjusted for Skewed and Autocorrelated Populations
Kyungduk Ko, Boise State University
9:35 AM

The Best of Three Worlds: Combining IBM SPSS Statistics with Your R and Python Code for Extended Algorithms, Ease of Use, and Presentation Output
Jon Peck, IBM
9:35 AM

Moving from X-12-Arima to X-13Arima-Seats: The UK Experience
Gary Brown, Office for National Statistics; Daniel Ayoubkhani, Office for National Statistics
9:55 AM

Creating Opportunities for Undergraduate Statistics Students to Become Collaborators in Interdisciplinary Research
Paul Roback, St. Olaf College
10:35 AM

Order Statistics and Gene Regulation
Donald Geman, The Johns Hopkins University
10:35 AM

New Composite Indicator for the Business Tendency Survey
Michel Grun-Rehomme; Olga Vasyechko, University Paris 1
10:35 AM

A Professor's Argument for the Need for a Higher Level of Sophistication in Introductory Statistics Courses
Laurence Robinson, Ohio Northern University
10:35 AM

Estimates of Correct and Erroneous Enumeration with Duplicates in the 2010 U.S. Census
Rachel Bray, U.S. Census Bureau
10:35 AM

Robust Filtering
Veronika Czellar, HEC Paris; Laurent Calvet, HEC Paris
10:50 AM

Teaching Statistics to Students on a Technology Overload
Anna Peterson
10:50 AM

Overcoming Barriers to Using Free Resources in Teaching Introductory Statistics
David Diez
11:05 AM

Statistical Challenges in Life Insurance Industry
Zhiwei Zhu, Scor Global Life Americas
11:20 AM

Introductory Statistics for Mathematical Sciences Majors: Feedback Requested on MAA Guidelines
Patti Frazer Lock, St. Lawrence University; Allan Rossman, California Polytechnic State University
11:20 AM

Clicker Technology: An Active Learning Approach in a Large Statistics Class
Zenaida Florendo Mateo, University of Manitoba; Rojiar Haddadian, University of Manitoba
11:35 AM

Particle Energy Spectrum, Revisited from a Counting Statistics Perspective
Ding Yuan, NSTec LAO; Daniel G. Marks, NSTec LAO; Paul Guss , NSTec RSL
11:35 AM

Evaluation and Developments of Methods for the Tuning Parameter Choice in Sparse Clustering
Wenzhu Bi, University of Pittsburgh; George C Tseng, University of Pittsburgh; Lisa A Weissfeld, University of Pittsburgh
11:35 AM

Modeling Complex Time Series with the Gamma-Exponential Process
Alexandre Bouchard, University of British Columbia
11:50 AM

Organizing a Statistics Study Abroad Course
Justin Fisher, U.S. Government Accountability Office
11:50 AM

Training Graduate or Advanced Undergraduate Students to Be Effective Teaching Assistants in Undergraduate Introductory Statistics Classes
Nancy Pfenning, University of Pittsburgh
12:05 PM

Particulate Matter Is Not Killing Californians
James E. Enstrom, University of California at Los Angeles
2:05 PM

Argentina: An Update on Credibility in CPI and Other Official Statistics and Perils Endured by Some Statisticians
Edmundo Berumen, Berumen y Asociados, SA de CV; Victor A Beker, Economia de la Universidad de Belgrano
2:05 PM

Teaching Statistics to Nursing Students
Matt Hayat, Rutgers University; Sarah Schmiege, University of Colorado at Denver School of Nursing; Patricia Eckardt, SUNY at Stony Brook; Melinda Higgins, Emory University
2:05 PM

Assessing Student Writing in Statistics
Jennifer Kaplan, University of Georgia; Neal Rogness, Grand Valley State University; Diane Fisher, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2:25 PM

Model-Based Estimation of Resource Selection in Animal Populations
Mevin Hooten, Colorado State University; Ephraim Hanks, California State University; Devin S. Johnson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2:25 PM

Human Rights and Statistics: A Reciprocal Relationship
Jessica Mary Wyndham, AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program
2:30 PM

English Language Learners in the Statistics Classroom: Research, Resources, and Recommendations
Amy Wagler, The University of Texas at El Paso; Lawrence M Lesser, The University of Texas at El Paso ; Angelica Monarrez, The University of Texas at El Paso; Berenice Salazar, The University of Texas at El Paso
2:45 PM

Modeling Multivariate Data Revisions
Jan-Egbert Sturm, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich
2:45 PM

International Responses to Governmental Targeting of Statisticians and Research Organizations in Argentina
William Seltzer, Fordham University
2:55 PM

Kidney Toxicity Biomarker Qualification: A Journey Along the Critical Path
Dan Holder, Merck Research Laboratories
3:05 PM

Outcome Vector--Dependent Sampling with Longitudinal Continuous Response Data: Stratified Sampling Based on Summary Statistics
Jonathan Schildcrout, Vanderbilt University
3:05 PM

Semiparametric Local Multivariate Priors for Bayesian Model Averaging
Yingbo Li, Duke University
3:20 PM

Paul Meier and the Law
Sandy Zabell, Northwestern University
3:35 PM

Thursday, 08/02/2012
Robust Gaussian Graphical Modeling Via $L_1$ Penalization
Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania
8:35 AM

Efficiency of Complete Case Statistics in Semiparametric Regression Models with Responses Missing at Random
Anton Schick, Binghamton University
8:35 AM

Dimension Reduction and Alleviation of Confounding for Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Models
John Hughes, University of Minnesota; Murali Haran, Penn State University
8:35 AM

Nonparametric Methods for Estimating Nonstationary Covariance Functions on Spheres
Zhengyuan Zhu, Iowa State University; Yang Li, Iowa State University
8:35 AM

Using Data from Climate Science to Teach Introductory Statistics
Gary Witt, Temple University
8:50 AM

Input Data Quality in Register-Based Statistics: The Norwegian Experience
Coen Hendriks, Statistics Norway
8:55 AM

Building a Biostatistics Business Model Within a Nursing School
Alexandra Hanlon, University of Pennsylvania
8:55 AM

Nonparametric Covariance Functions for Multivariate Geostatistics
Juan Hu, Purdue University; Hao Zhang, Purdue University
8:55 AM

Individualized Comparative Effectiveness Mental Health Research: Estimating Treatment Effects Accounting for Patient Preferences
Zhehui Luo, Michigan State University; Qiaoling Chen, Michigan State University; Carlos Weiss, Michigan State University; Joseph C Gardiner, Michigan State University
9:00 AM

Using CrunchIt to Bring R Into the Introductory Statistics Classroom
Alan Dabney
9:05 AM

Converting the National Center for Education Statistics' (NCES) In-Person Complex Survey Data Set Training Seminars to an Online Distance Education Model
Andrew A. White, National Center for Education Statistics
9:05 AM

Doing a Register-Based Census for the First Time: The Swedish Experiences
Martin Axelson, Statistics Sweden; Anders Holmberg, Statistics Sweden; Ingegerd Jansson, Statistics Sweden; Peter Werner, Statistics Sweden; Sara Westling, Statistics Sweden
9:15 AM

Covariance Models for Vector Random Fields in Space and Time
Juan Du, Kansas State University; Chunsheng Ma, Wichita State University
9:15 AM

Investigating Statistical Preparedness of Nursing Graduates for the Workplace
MyoungJin Kim, Illinois State University
9:15 AM

Bringing Data to Life Into an Introductory Statistics Course with Gapminder
Dai-trang Le, Iowa State University
9:20 AM

How Do the Asymptotics Help the Spatial Modeling?
Hao Zhang, Purdue University
9:35 AM

On Power and Sample Size Computation for Multiple Testing Procedures
Jie Chen, Merck Serono (Beijing) R&D Hub; Jianfeng Luo, Fudan University; Kenneth Liu, Merck; Devan Mehrotra, Merck Research Laboratories
9:35 AM

Integrating R Into Introductory Statistics
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, Duke University; Andrew Bray, University of California at Los Angeles
9:35 AM

A Multivariate Poisson/Gamma Model with Two- and Three-Way Covariance Structure to Construct Candidate Lists for Different Severities
Kristian Schmidt, Iowa State University; Alicia L. Carriquiry, Iowa State University; Michael D. Pawlovich, Iowa Department of Transportation
9:50 AM

Implementing Auto-generated Power Point Slides for Demonstrating Statistical Concepts
Jen-Ting Wang, SUNY at Oneonta; Sen Zhang, SUNY at Oneonta
9:50 AM

Power of the Scan Statistics via FMCI
Wanchen Lee, University of Manitoba
10:35 AM

Interview with the Vampire Researcher: An Adventure in Applied Statistics
Brenda Osuna, University of Southern California; Cynthia Vinney, Fielding Graduate University; Reagan Rose, University of Southern California
10:35 AM

Properties of Smoothed Design-Based Variance Estimators from Complex Sample Surveys
MoonJung Cho, Bureau of Labor Statistics; John Eltinge, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Julie Gershunskaya, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Larry Huff, Bureau of Labor Statistics
10:50 AM

TMLE for Marginal Structural Models Based on Instrument
Boriska Toth; Mark van der Laan, University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health
10:50 AM

Limited-Information Modeling of Loggerhead Turtle Population Size
David Hitchcock, University of South Carolina; John Grego, University of South Carolina
11:05 AM

A More Powerful Two-Sample Test in High Dimensions Using Random Projection
Miles Lopes, University of California at Berkeley; Laurent Jacob, University of California at Berkeley; Martin J. Wainwright, University of California at Berkeley
11:20 AM

Studying Histone Modification by CHiP-Seq
Nancy R. Zhang, The Wharton School
11:50 AM

Spatial Modeling of Global Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations from Satellite Observations
Dorit Hammerling
11:55 AM

Applied Statistics on Business at Spain: A Case of Statistical Engineering
Igor Barahona, Technical University of Catalonia/BarcelonaTech; Alex Riba, Technical University of Catalonia/BarcelonaTech
12:05 PM

On the Estimation of Order Statistics Under Measurement Error
Nilabja Guha, University of Maryland Baltimore County
12:05 PM

Applying a Spatial Occupancy Model to Presence-Absence Data from an Atlas Project
Kristin Broms, University of Washington; John Skalski, University of Washington; Devin S. Johnson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
12:05 PM

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