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Sunday, 07/29/2012
Model Combining in a Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Design
Wei Qian, University of Minnesota; Yuhong Yang, University of Minnesota
2:05 PM

Unknown Correlation Coefficient Between a Primary and a Secondary Endpoint in a Two-stage Group Sequential Design
Yi Wu; Ajit C. Tamhane, Northwestern University; Cyrus R Mehta, Cytel Inc.
3:35 PM

Calculating Expected Health Losses in Prospective Drug Safety Monitoring
Jessica Myers, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Amanda Patrick, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Milton Weinstein, Harvard School of Public Health; Robert Glynn, Harvard Medical School; Sebastian Schneeweiss, Brigham and Women's Hospital
4:50 PM

Monday, 07/30/2012
A Sequential Combined P-Value Test for Multiple Hypothesis Testing in Genomic Studies
Shunpu Zhang, University of Nebraska; Huann-Sheng Chen, National Cancer Institute; Ruth Pfeiffer, National Cancer Institute

Machine Learning Techniques for Constructing Tailoring Variables for Sequential Decisionmaking
Daniel Almirall, University of Michigan
11:15 AM

An Adaptive Alpha Spending Approach in Group Sequential Trials
David Li, Pfizer Inc.
11:35 AM

The Role of Active Learning in Sequential Decisionmaking
Daniel J Lizotte, University of Waterloo
11:35 AM

Quantifying the Uncertainty of Activation Periods in fMRI Data via Changepoint Analysis
Christopher Nam, University of Warwick; John Aston, University of Warwick; Adam Johansen, University of Warwick
2:05 PM

Adapting from Phase III to Phase II at an Interim Analysis
Keaven Anderson, Merck; Xiaoyun (Nicole) Li, Merck & Co.
2:25 PM

Evolutionary Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms for Bayesian Optimal Sequential Design
Marco Ferreira, University of Missouri
3:05 PM

Use of Novel Sequential Multiple Imputation Analysis for Extrapolation of Missing Data Points as Part of In Vivo Tumor Growth Assays
Xiaoli Hou, Merck; George N. Naumov, Merck Research Laboratories
3:20 PM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
Sequential Design Methods for Reliability Sensitivity Testing
Elise Roberts, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Joseph Davis Warfield, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Anindya Roy, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Rejecting Poolability in Simple Drug Stability Studies
Peng Liu, SAS Institute; Michael T Crotty, SAS Institute; Liansheng Zhu, Novartis
8:35 AM

Efficiency: A Moving Target for Adaptive Designs
Cyrus R Mehta, Cytel Inc.
9:35 AM

Sequential Change-Point Analysis of Markov Chains with Application in Early Detection of Epidemics
Michael Baron, The University of Texas at Dallas; Pankaj Choudhary, The University of Texas at Dallas; Xian Yu, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
10:05 AM

A Sequential Procedure for Aggregation of Expert Judgment Forecasts
John Irvine, Draper Laboratory; Srinivasamurthy R. Prakash, Draper Laboratory; John Regan, Draper Laboratory; Drazen Prelec, MIT
10:50 AM

Statistical Issues in Over-Running or Under-Running Clinical Trials
Jing Xu, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Bin Zhang, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
10:55 AM

Group Sequential Method for PK Bioequivalence Crossover Studies
Huaixiang Li, FDA/OTS/CDER/OB/DBG; Stella Grosser, FDA/CDER
11:05 AM

Repeated Confidence Bands for Under-Running or Over-Running Clinical Trials
Lihui Zhao, Northwestern University; X. Joan Hu, Simon Fraser University; Steve Lagakos, Harvard University
11:35 AM

Bivariate Normal Distribution: A New SOCR Applet
Scott Kamino, University of California at Los Angeles; Ivo D Dinov, SOCR Resource; Nicolas Christou, University of California at Los Angeles
11:35 AM

Multiple Primary Endpoints in Oncology Trials
Ai Li, Amgen, Inc.; Bin Yao, Amgen, Inc.
2:45 PM

Simultaneous Testing of Multiple Hypotheses in Sequential Experiments
Shyamal Krishna De, The University of Texas at Dallas
3:05 PM

Bayesian Two-Stage Sequential Design for Phase II Clinical Trials
Sumihiro Suzuki, University of North Texas Health Science Center; Jun Zhang, University of North Texas Health Science Center; Shande Chen, University of North Texas Health Science Center
3:05 PM

Almost Minimax Open-Ended Mixture-Based Sequential Tests
Georgios Fellouris, University of Southern California; Alexander G. Tartakovsky, University of Southern California
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
A General Approach for Estimating Stopping Probabilities of Large Group Sequential Trials in Life-Threatening Conditions Monitoring Binary Efficacy and Safety Outcomes
Yanqiu Weng, Medical University of South Carolina; Wenle Zhao, Medical University of South Carolina; Yuko Palesch, Medical University of South Carolina

Predicting Cholera Cases from Environmental Variables Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
Amanda Allen, University of Washington; Vladimir N Minin, University of Washington; Ira Longini, Emerging Pathogens Institute ; Jon Wakefield, University of Washington; Elizabeth Halloran, University of Washington

Design a Clinical Trial: Sequential Design or Fixed Sample Size Design?
Judy Li, FDA

Dynamic Bayesian Sequential Multi-Group and Multi-Agent Binary Decisionmaking
Edsel Aldea Pena, University of South Carolina; Blake Hill, University of South Carolina; Bereket Kindo, University of South Carolina; Fazlur Rahman, University of South Carolina; Ian Wanda, University of South Carolina; Wensong Wu, Florida International University
9:35 AM

A Potential Outcome View to Analyze 2 Level Factorial Designs
Valeria Espinosa, Harvard University; Tirthankar Dasgupta, Harvard University; Donald B Rubin, Harvard University
9:50 AM

Sampling for Conditional Inference on Network Data
Jingfei Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Yuguo Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10:05 AM

Design of Infectious Disease Surveillance in Swine
Chong Wang, Iowa State University
11:05 AM

Predictive Power for Group Sequential Trials with Different Endpoint at Interim Look
Shengyan Hong, MedImmune; Songfeng Wang, University of South Carolina
11:20 AM

Bayesian Friends with Benefits: Partial Shrinkage
Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University
2:05 PM

Sequential Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Large P, Small N Problems
Haileab Hilafu, The University of Georgia; Xiangrong Yin, University of Georgia
2:50 PM

Empirical Likelihood-Based CUSUM Method
Yijie Xue, University of Georgia; Nicole A. Lazar, University of Georgia
2:50 PM

Sequential Test with Linear Transforamtion Model for Censored Data
Lin Huang, Children's Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School; Zhezhen Jin, Columbia University
3:05 PM

Investigating the Bias of Alternative Statistical Inference Methods in Sequential Mixed-Mode Surveys
Tuba Suzer-Gurtekin, University of Michigan; Steven G. Heeringa, University of Michigan; Richard Valliant, University of Maryland
3:05 PM

Parameter Estimation Following a Group Sequential Test: A Likelihood Ratio Estimator
Tung-Lung Wu
3:35 PM

Thursday, 08/02/2012
A Group Sequential Method Based on the Weighted Log-Rank Test for Delayed Treatment Effects
Mizuki Yoshida, Pfizer Inc.; Yutaka Matsuyama, University of Tokyo
9:35 AM

Meta-Analysis of One Outcome from Group Sequential Trials with Composite Outcomes: Are Standard Methods Appropriate?
Abigail Shoben, The Ohio State University
9:35 AM

Parallel Mixture Procedure for Multi-Sensor Change-Point Detection
Yao Xie, Duke University; David Oliver Siegmund, Stanford University
9:50 AM

Sequential Decision Processes in Kidney Paired Donation Programs with Altruistic Donors
Yijiang Li, University of Michigan; John Kalbfleisch, University of Michigan; Peter Song, University of Michigan; Alan Leichtman, University of Michigan
10:35 AM

Mediation Analysis Based on Propensity Scores
Yeying Zhu, Penn State University; Debashis Ghosh, Penn State University; Donna Coffman, Penn State University
10:35 AM

Hypothesis Testing for the Mean Vector in High Dimension
Edgard Maboudou
11:05 AM

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