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Sunday, 07/29/2012
Climate Change and Heat-Related Health Effects for Florida
Emily Leary, University of Florida; Linda J Young, University of Florida; Chris DuClos, Florida Department of Health; Melissa Jordan, Florida Department of Health
2:35 PM

Epidemiology of Brain Cancer: Longitudinal Studies for Contract Health Service Delivery Areas
Keshav Pokhrel, University of South Florida; Chris P. Tsokos, University of South Florida
4:35 PM

Bayesian Approach of the Joinpoint Regression Model for Brain Cancer Data
Ram Kafle, University of South Florida; Netra Khanal, University of Tampa; Chris P. Tsokos, University of South Florida
5:05 PM

Monday, 07/30/2012
Statistical Methods Used in Generating U.S. State-Level Life Tables
Rong Wei, National Center for Health Statistics
11:05 AM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
Methods for Linking Administrative Records When Unique Identifiers Are Not Available: Using Project Talent and the Death Master File
Amber Noel, American Institutes for Research; Christopher Plotts, American Institutes for Research; Ashley Kaiser, American Institutes for Research; Shaun Posey, American Institutes for Research; Samantha Neiman, American Institutes for Research
9:15 AM

Examining the Effects of Differential Coverage of Three Mortality Record Sources
Sandy Eyster, American Institutes for Research; Celeste Stone, American Institutes for Research; Susan J. Lapham, American Institutes for Research
9:35 AM

A New Test for Spatial Autocorrelation with an Application to Mortality in Swedish Municipalities
Henrik Holmberg, Umeå University; Erling Haggstom Lundevaller, Umeå University
11:20 AM

Coherence Structures of Mortality Time Series Data for All Causes of Deaths for Selected Neighboring States 2004--2006
Diba Khan, National Center for Health Statistics; Benjamin Kedem, National Center for Health Statistics; Myron Katzoff, National Center for Health Statistics (retired)
2:05 PM

The Utility of the Integrated Design of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey to Inform Mortality-Related Studies
Steven Cohen, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
2:25 PM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
The Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
Janice Watkins, Oak Ridge Associated Universities

A Multistate Time-Dependent Model of Health Transitions During Aging
Arnold Mitnitski, Dalhousie University; Xiaowei Song, Dalhousie University; Kenneth Rockwood, Dalhousie University
9:35 AM

Modeling Mortality and Longevity Risk
Mary M Louie, AIR Worldwide; Greta M Ljung, AIR Worldwide
11:05 AM

Particulate Matter Is Not Killing Californians
James E. Enstrom, University of California at Los Angeles
2:05 PM

An Absolute Risk Model for Population-Based Survey Data
Stephanie Kovalchik, National Cancer Institute; Ruth Pfeiffer, National Cancer Institute
2:05 PM

A Closer Look at Air Pollution-Mortality Relationships for California Members of the American Cancer Society Cohort
Frederick W. Lipfert, Environmental Consultant; S. Stanley Young, National Institute of Statistical Sciences
2:25 PM

On the Use of Fractional Polynomial Models in Time-Series Studies of Particulate Matter and Mortality
Ayano Takeuchi
2:50 PM

Obesity and Mortality Rate: Are the Risks Declining? Evidence from 18 Prospective Studies in U.S.
Tapan Mehta; Kevin Fontaine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Scott W Keith, Thomas Jefferson University; Sai Santosh Bangalore, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Gustavo de los Campos, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Nicholas Pajewski, Wake Forest University Health Sciences; Alfred Bartolucci, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; David B. Allison, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
3:20 PM

The State of Men's Health in Europe: The Contribution of Different Causes of Death in Life Expectancy
Bruno de Sousa, Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical - UNL; Alan White, Leeds Metropolitan University
3:35 PM

An Analysis of the Survival Aspect of COPDGene
Andre Williams, National Jewish Health; Russell Bowler, National Jewish Health; Anna Forssen, National Jewish Health
3:35 PM

Thursday, 08/02/2012
The VACS Index as a Surrogate Outcome for HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials
Katherine Kirkwood, VA Cooperative Studies Program; Tassos Kyriakides, VA Cooperative Studies Program; Sheldon T. Brown, James J. Peters VAMC; Amy C. Justice, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven; Janet Tate, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven
9:15 AM

A Bayesian Model-Averaging Approach for Estimating the Relative Risk of Mortality Associated with Heat Waves in 105 U.S. Cities
Francesca Dominici, Harvard School of Public Health; Jennifer Bobb, Harvard School of Public Health; Roger D. Peng, The Johns Hopkins University
11:50 AM

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