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Sunday, 07/29/2012
Measurement Errors and Misclassifications in Covariates in Logistic Regression: Bayesian Adjustment of Main and Interaction Effects and the Sample Size Implications
Shahadut Hossain, UAE University
2:05 PM

A Multivariate Hidden Markov Model for the Analysis of Correlated Monotone Binary Processes
Maria Jose Garcia Zattera, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Alejandro Jara, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Emmanuel Lesaffre, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Guillermo Marshall, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
2:05 PM

Lung Cancer Risk Prediction with Stochastic Covariates
Denise M Danos, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Neal Simonsen, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Elizabeth Fontham, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center; Evrim Oral, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
2:35 PM

Identifying Gender-Specific Factors Related to Stem Retention ar a Large State Univiersity
Ulrike Genschel, Iowa State University; John Riddles, Iowa State University; Ian Mouzon, Iowa State University; Alicia L. Carriquiry, Iowa State University; Monica Degnan, Iowa State University; Elgin Johnston, Iowa State University; Kenneth Koehler, Iowa State University; Wolfgang Kliemann, Iowa State University; Hien Nguyen, Iowa State University
2:35 PM

Diagnostics for Logistic-Type Regression Models Using Stochastic Processes
Ivy Liu, Victoria University of Wellington; Estate Khmaladze, Victoria University of Wellington; Haizhen Wu, Massey University
2:50 PM

Test for the Coefficient Parameters of the Logistic Regression from a Small Sample
Toshinari Kamakura, Chuo University
3:05 PM

Logistic Regression of Binary Independent Variables in a Bahadur Framework
Wenyaw Chan, The University of Texas at Houston; Chih-Hsien Wu, The University of Texas at Houston; Lin-An Chen, National Chiao-Tung University; Elaine Symanski, The University of Texas at Houston
3:20 PM

Ranking Colleges by Categories
Jerome Keating, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Robert L Mason, Southwest Research Institute; Ryan S Gill, University of Louisville
3:20 PM

Logistic Bayesian Lasso for Detecting Rare Haplotypes Using Family Trios
Meng Wang, The Ohio State University; Shili Lin, The Ohio State University
3:35 PM

Small-Area Confidence Bounds on Small Cell Proportions in Survey Populations
Eric Slud, U.S. Census Bureau; Aaron Gilary, U.S. Census Bureau; Jerry Maples, U.S. Census Bureau
4:25 PM

Robust Permutation Tests for Homogeneity of Fingerprint Patterns of Dioxin Congener Profiles
Chu-Chih Chen, National Health Research Institutes; Pranab K. Sen, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4:50 PM

Sample Allocation for the Redesigned National Compensation Survey
Tiandong Li, Westat; Hyunshik James Lee, Westat; Gwyn Ferguson, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Chester H Ponikowski, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Bradley Rhein, Bureau of Labor Statistics
5:05 PM

Monday, 07/30/2012
Logistic Regression Versus Discriminant Analysis: Empirical Simulations Investigating Prediction Performance in Biometrical Data
Robert G. Downer, Grand Valley State University

Looking Back at South Africa: Analyzing and Reviewing the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Roland Deutsch, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Gaussian Variational Approximation for Overdispersed Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Aklilu Habteab Ghebretinsae, I-Biostat; Geert Molenberghs, I-BioStat/Universiteit Hasselt/Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Christel Faes, I-Biostat

AccuScore: Don't Bet on It
Jay Schaffer, University of Northern Colorado

The Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit Test: Does the Grouping Really Matter?
Hillary Rivera, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Keith Williams, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Zoran Bursac, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Dave Hosmer, University of Massachusetts

A Method for Missing Data Problems in Epidemiologic Studies with Historical Exposure
Xinbo Zhang, Oregon Health and Science University; Bryan Langholz, University of Southern California School of Medicine; Myles Cockburn, University of Southern California

The Performance of the Linear Logistic Test Model and the 2-Pl Constrained Model When the Q-Matrix Is Misspecified: A Simulation Study
George MacDonald, University of South Florida; Jeffrey Kromrey, University of South Florida; Sarah VanIngen, University of South Florida

Predicting Goal Scoring in Hockey
Brian Macdonald, U.S. Military Academy; Rodney Sturdivant, U.S. Military Academy; Craig Lennon, U.S. Military Academy

Ethics and Gender Effect on Intimacy Attitudes Toward Wheelchair Users
Xiaohui Wang, The University of Texas Pan American; Irmo Marini, The University of Texas Pan American

Emerging Experiences on Adaptive Clinical Trial Data Monitoring
Sue-Jane Wang, FDA
9:00 AM

Reverse Regression in Randomized Clinical Trials with Nonignorable Nonresponse
Zhiwei Zhang, FDA/CDRH; Kyeongmi Cheon, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
9:15 AM

Comparing the Performance of Disease Risk Score Analysis, Propensity Score Analysis, and Multivariate Logistic Regression in a Simulated Data Set for Estimating Odds Ratios (OR)
In-Lu Amy Liu, Kaiser Permanente; Jiaxiao M Shi, Kaiser Permanente; Wansu Chen, Kaiser Permanente
9:20 AM

Comparisons of Various Techniques in Propensity Score Estimation Using Simulation
Jiaxiao M Shi, Kaiser Permanente; Wansu Chen, Kaiser Permanente
9:35 AM

A Mixed-Effect Logistic Regression Model for Predicting Virologic Response in the Treatment of Hepatitis C
Weiping Deng, Merck; Kenneth Koury, Merck
9:50 AM

Optimizing Call Patterns for Landline and Cell Phone Surveys
Rebecca Reimer, NORC; Robert Montgomery, NORC; Karen Wooten, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases
9:50 AM

Nonresponse Bias Adjustment in Establishment Surveys: A Comparison of Weighting Methods Using the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS)
Morgan Earp, Bureau of Labor Statistics; Jaki McCarthy, National Agricultural Statistics Service; Frauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology; Roger Tourangeau, Westat
9:55 AM

A Diagnostic of Influential Cases in Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Junfeng Shang, Bowling Green State University
10:50 AM

Correlated Logistic Regression with Generalized Method of Moments Estimators
Trent L Lalonde, University of Northern Colorado; Jeffrey R Wilson, Arizona State University
11:15 AM

Modeling for Assessment of Environmental Health Data
Shailendra Banerjee, CDC
12:05 PM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
Forecasting the U.S. Population with the Gompertz Growth Curve
Peter Pflaumer, Technical University of Dortmund

Use of Bayesian Priors to Assist Ability Estimation for Nonexistent Maximum Likelihoods in 3-Parameter Logistic Models for Item Response Theory Applications
Jerry Gorham, Pearson, Inc.; Huijuan Meng, Pearson, Inc.; Marijana Dragan, National Council of State Boards of Nursing

A Comparison of Power in Normal Theory Approximation to Bayesian MCMC Procedures
Jiang Yuan, Baylor University; John W. Seaman, PhD, Baylor University; James Stamey, Baylor University

Application of Generalized Linear Models to Predict Semiconductor Yield
Wenjun Ke, Arizona State University

Precision of ED50 Estimate for Four-Parameter Logistic Model with Different Slopes and Testing Plans
Jianfang Hu, Merck

Utilizing 2008--2009 CMS Medicare Data to Demonstrate the Overuse of Computed Tomography Scanning in Medicare Patients
Emma Boswell, Trinity Partners; Zheng Wang, Trinity Partners; Fotios Kokkotos, Trinity Partners; Hong Yu Xiao, Cornell University; Xuan Dong, Cornell University; Hao Tong, Cornell University; Yang Liu, Cornell University

An Analysis of Approaches to Presence-Only Data
Trevor Hastie, Stanford University; Will Fithian, Stanford University
8:35 AM

Weighted Logistic Regression Modeling for Semi-Supervised Classification
Shuichi Kawano, Osaka Prefecture University
8:50 AM

Minimal Plus One Point Designs for Testing Lack of Fit for Some Sigmoid Curve Models
Ying Su, Merck; Damaraju Raghavarao, Temple University
2:20 PM

A Search for Robust Model-Based Small-Area Estimation Methods for the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS)
Vladislav Beresovsky, National Center for Health Statistics; Donald Malec, National Center for Health Statistics
2:35 PM

Phase I Dose-Finding Designs for Optimal Biological Dose
Yong Zang, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Jack Lee, Ph.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center; Ying Yuan, MD Anderson Cancer Center
2:50 PM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
Development of a Bayesian Joint Logistic Model (BJLM) to Better Study the Association Between Haplotypes and Disease
Anthony D'Amelio, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Carol Etzel, MD Anderson Cancer Center

An Adaptation of Weighted Case-Control Logistic Regression to Predict Alcohol Withdrawal in Hospitalized Patients
G. Kolm, Christiana Center for Outcomes Research; Edward Ewen, Christiana Care Health System

Modeling Highly Complex Models of Disease Risk
Bethany Vohlers, North Carolina State University; Erika Alpeter, North Carolina State University

Bayesian Lasso Regression for Zero-Inflated Spatial Data
Rajib Paul, Western Michigan University; Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj, Western Michigan University; Amy B. Curtis, Western Michigan University; Catherine L. Kothari, Western Michigan University
8:35 AM

Causal Inference for Multilevel Data Through Propensity Score and Prognostic Score Adjustment: The Case of Bernoulli-Distributed Outcomes
Bing Yu, University of Toronto; Guanglei Hong, The University of Chicago
8:55 AM

Sparse Covariate Dependent Binary Markov Networks
Jie Cheng, University of Michigan; Ji Zhu, University of Michigan; Liza Levina, University of Michigan
9:20 AM

A Regression-Adjusted Hockey Plus-Minus Metric
Robert B Gramacy, The University of Chicago; Shane T Jensen, The Wharton School; Matthew A Taddy, The University of Chicago
9:25 AM

Sparse Logistic Normal Regression for Modeling Over-Dispersed Count Data with an Application to Microbiome Data Analysis
FAN XIA, The University of Hong Kong; Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania
9:35 AM

Global Summary of Treatment Impact Using Multiple Patient Outcomes
Brian Claggett, Harvard University; Lu Tian, Stanford University; Sihai Dave Zhao, Harvard School of Public Health; Lee-Jen Wei, Harvard University
9:35 AM

Equivalence of Improvement in Area Under ROC Curve and Linear Discriminant Analysis Coefficient Under Assumption of Normality
Olga Demler, Boston University; Michael Pencina, Boston University; Ralph D'Agostino, Boston University
10:50 AM

Clustering and Biclustering of Relational Data
Alejandro Murua, Université de Montréal; Thierry Chekouo Tekougang, Université de Montréal
11:25 AM

The Rise in Multiple Births in the U.S.: An Analysis of a Hundred-Million Birth Records with R
Susan Ranney, Revolution Analytics
11:50 AM

Model Selection for Categorical Data When the Interaction Effect Is Presented
Pannapa Changpetch, Penn State University; Dennis Lin, Penn State University
2:20 PM

Quantile Regression for Competing Risks Data with Missing Cause of Failure
Yanqing Sun, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Huixia Judy Wang, North Carolina State University; Peter B Gilbert, University of Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
2:25 PM

Statistical Strategies for Developing Classification Algorithms with Application to Insulin Sensitivity Status
Wenting Xie; Charmaine S Tam, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Bin Li, Louisiana State University; Eric Ravussin, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; William D. Johnson, Pennington Biomedical Research Center
2:35 PM

Conditional Logistic Regression Estimators for Ordinal or Multinomial Outcomes and Complex Survey Data
Babette A Brumback, University of Florida; Zhulin He, University of Florida; Hao Zheng, University of Florida; Amy Dailey, Gettysburg College; Zhuangyu Cai, University of Florida
2:45 PM

An Equivalence of Conditional and Unconditional Maximum Likelihood Estimators via Infinite Replication of Observations for Matched Pairs Designs
Zhulin He, University of Florida; Babette A Brumback, University of Florida
3:05 PM

Ranking Institutions by Clustered Hospitalization Records
Yan Wang, University of California at Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health; David Zingmond, University of California at Los Angeles; Honghu Liu, University of California at Los Angeles School of Dentistry
3:05 PM

A Study of Homelessness
Renjin Tu, Columbus State University
3:35 PM

Thursday, 08/02/2012
Bridging Conditional and Marginal Inference for Spatially Referenced Binary Data
Laura Boehm, North Carolina State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University;
8:35 AM

Estimating the Number of U.S. Farms with Adjustment for Misclassification
Denise A Abreu, USDA/National Agricultural Statistics Service; Kenneth K Lopiano, University of Florida; Samuel C Garber, National Agricultural Statistics Service; Andrea C Lamas, National Agricultural Statistics Service; Linda J Young, University of Florida
9:15 AM

Utilizing a Logistic Regression Approach for Weighting Adjustment in a Longitudinal Data Set
Michael Sinclair, NORC; Wan-Ying Chang, National Science Foundation; Julia Batishev , NORC; Michael Yang, NORC
9:15 AM

Polytomous Logistic Regression with Multi-Cohort Longitudinal Surveys
Ivan Carrillo-Garcia, NISS; Alan F. Karr, NISS
9:55 AM

Creating an Automated Industry and Occupation-Coding Process for the American Community Survey
Michael Kornbau, U.S. Census Bureau; Julie Vesely, U.S. Census Bureau; Matthew Thompson, U.S. Census Bureau
10:35 AM

Protective Estimation of Random Intercept Logistic Regression When Data Are Missing at Random
Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, University of California at Berkeley; Anders Skrondal, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
11:35 AM

A Bayesian Approach to the Instrumental Variable Problem with a Binary Outcome and a Binary Treatment
Rodney Sparapani, Medical College of Wisconsin; Purushottam Laud, Medical College of Wisconsin; Jessica Pruszynski, Medical College of Wisconsin; Robert McCulloch, The University of Texas
11:35 AM

Too Many Covariates and Too Few Cases? A Comparative Study
Qingxia Chen, Vanderbilt University; Yuwei Zhu, Vanderbilt University; Keipp H Talbot, Vanderbilt University; Marie R Griffin, Vanderbilt University; Frank E Harrell, Vanderbilt University; Patrick Arbogast, Kaiser Permanente
12:05 PM

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