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Sunday, 07/29/2012
SMACS: Invisible Sciences with Impeccable Impact
Sastry G. Pantula, National Science Foundation
2:45 PM

Monday, 07/30/2012
'Big Data' in the Introductory Applied Statistics Course?
John D. McKenzie, Babson College

Visualization of Big Data Sets Using Package Bigvis
Yue Hu, Rice University; Hadley Wickham, Rice University
12:05 PM

Capturing Heterogeneity in Engagement on a Social eCommerce Platform
Lynd Bacon, Loma Buena Associates; Peter Lenk, University of Michigan; Danielle Murray, Shutterfly Inc.; Jean Durall, Shutterfly Inc.
3:05 PM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
Big Data: Research and Training Challenges
Brian Weaver, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Nandini Kannan, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Emmanuel Yashchin , IBM; Deborah A. Nolan, University of California at Berkeley; Richard De Veaux, Williams College; James L Rosenberger, Penn State University
10:35 AM

Text Classification and Big Data
David Afshartous, Vanderbilt University; George Michailidis, University of Michigan
10:50 AM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
The Rise in Multiple Births in the U.S.: An Analysis of a Hundred-Million Birth Records with R
Susan Ranney, Revolution Analytics
11:50 AM

Thursday, 08/02/2012
Business Analytics
Curt Hinrichs, SAS Institute; John D. McKenzie, Babson College; Kellie Keeling, University of Denver
8:35 AM

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