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Monday, 07/30/2012
Peter Lewis (1932--2011): Point Processes, Time Series, and Plenty Else
Anthony Lawrance, University of Warwick
8:35 AM

Parallel External Memory Algorithms Applied to Generalized Linear Models
Lee Edlefsen, Revolution Analytics
10:35 AM

Tuesday, 07/31/2012
The tvtools Package for R
David Shilane

Algorithms and Approaches for Analyzing Massive Structured Data with Sparse Generalized PCA
Frederick Campbell; Genevera Allen, Rice University
2:05 PM

Extensions of Rao-Scott Tests: Pseudo Likelihood-Ratio Tests for Survey Data
Alastair John Scott, University of Auckland; Thomas Lumley, University of Auckland
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/01/2012
Scaling R to Internet Scale Data
Karl Millar, Google; Murray Stokely, Google
11:05 AM

Section on Statistical Computing
Saptarshi Guha, Mozilla
11:35 AM

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