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352 Tue, 7/31/2012, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-Sails Pavilion
Contributed Oral Poster Presentations: Section on Bayesian Statistics — Contributed Poster Presentations
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Chii-Dean Lin, San Diego State University
01: A New Bayesian Lasso Himel Mallick, The University of Alabama at Birmingham ; Nengjun Yi, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
02: Adaptive Bayesian Multivariate Density Estimation with Dirichlet Mixtures Weining Shen, North Carolina State University
03: Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation of Demographic Histories: A Phylodynamic Approach Julia Palacios, University of Washington ; Vladimir N Minin, University of Washington
04: Multiple Feller Operators and Mixture Priors for the Spectral Density Function of a Random Field Xiang Zhang
05: Positive Trait Item Response Models Joseph Lucke, SUNY at Buffalo
06: A Prior for Partial Autocorrelation Selection Jeremy Gaskins, University of Florida ; Michael Daniels, University of Florida
07: Improving the Decisionmaking Process in Lead Compound Identification Using Bayesian Statistics Jo Wick, University of Kansas Medical Center
08: Analyzing Spatial Directional Data Using Projected Normal Processes Fangpo Wang, Duke University ; Alan Gelfand, Duke University
09: Iaseq: Integrating Multiple ChIP-Seq Data Sets for Detecting Allele-Specific Binding Yingying Wei, The Johns Hopkins University ; Xia Li, Beijing Institute of Genomics ; Hongkai Ji, The Johns Hopkins University
10: Bayesian Variable Selection as a Complete Graph Model Zaili Fang, Virginia Tech ; Inyoung Kim, Virginia Tech
11: Parallel Particle Learning for Bayesian Asset Price Prediction Kenichiro McAlinn, Keio University ; Teruo Nakatsuma, Keio University ; Hiroaki Katsura, Keio University
12: Bayesian Online Ranking Using W-Stein's Identity Chiu-Hsing Weng, National Chengchi University
14: A Novel Nonparametric Prior Based on Transformed Bernstein Polynomial Yuhui Chen ; Timothy Hanson, University of South Carolina
15: Validation of Surrogate Endpoints by Bayesian Equivalence Testing Mathangi Gopalakrishnan, University of Maryland Baltimore County
16: Multilevel Modeling of Follow-Up Studies with Missing Data Monica Bennett, Baylor Health Care System ; James Stamey, Baylor University ; John W. Seaman, PhD, Baylor University
17: A Bayesian Approach to Understanding the Probability of Zero Rainfall James Travis, University of Maryland Baltimore County ; Anindya Roy, University of Maryland Baltimore County
18: Hierarchical Bayesian Models of Change-Point Problem Using Bayes Factor Younshik Chung, Pusan National University ; Seongho Song, University of Cincinnati ; Myoungjin Jung, Pusan National University
19: Infinite Tensor Factorization Priors Anjishnu Banerjee ; David Dunson, Duke University
21: Bayesian Estimation of the Expected Time of First Arrival Past a Truncated Time T: The Case of NHPP with Power Law Intensity Mostafa Aminazdeh, Towson University
22: Bayesian Semiparametric Methods to Test Shapes of Regression Functions Yifang Li, North Carolina State University ; Sujit Kumar Ghosh, North Carolina State University
23: A Comparison of Power in Normal Theory Approximation to Bayesian MCMC Procedures Jiang Yuan, Baylor University ; John W. Seaman, PhD, Baylor University ; James Stamey, Baylor University
24: A Bayesian Model for Election Forecasting: A Case Study of Voting Intentions of Students of University of Lagos Ray Okonkwo Okafor, University of Lagos ; Rotimi Kayode Ogundeji, University of Lagos
25: Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling of Non-Gaussian Time Series with Conditional Heteroskedasticity Zhiguang Xu, The Ohio State University ; Steven MacEachern, The Ohio State University ; Xinyi Xu, The Ohio State University
27: Comparison of Credible Sets and Confidence Intervals for a Bivariate Discrete and Continuous Model Ross Bray, Baylor University ; John W. Seaman, PhD, Baylor University ; James Stamey, Baylor University

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